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Are you passionate about everything HR?

Join our community of knowledgeable thought-leaders to help spread the word about iCIMS!

What is an iCARE Advocate?
iCARE Advocates are iCIMS Customers who are knowledgeable and passionate, not only about the iCIMS Talent Platform, but anything related to HR.

Why should I become an iCARE Advocate?
If you love iCIMS, and feel it has helped to make your HR processes easier and more streamlined you should be an iCARE Advocate! We look to our advocates to help other HR professionals make decisions when selecting their HR technology. We all know how hard it can be to select and implement a new HR process or technology, which is why we ask our iCARE Advocates to share their knowledge with others in the HR space!

What are the benefits of becoming an iCARE Advocate?
As an iCARE Advocate, you will be a go to customer for editorial opportunities, references, speaking engagements, case studies and more! We know your time is valuable, and this program gives us the chance to show you how much you are appreciated.

Request information about becoming an iCARE Advocate