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Mobile Hiring Manager App

The 16.4 Release

The 16.3 Release

The 16.2 Update

The 16.1 Update

Social Distribution Update

The Fall 2015 Update

The 15.1 Release

Recruiters can’t hire great talent without timely feedback from the hiring manager. However, hiring managers are busy people, and when they’re on the road or wrapped up in day-to-day operations logging into an applicant tracking system can be the furthest thing from their minds. The iCIMS Mobile Hiring Manager App places the hiring process in the hiring manager’s hand wherever they are. With this easy-to-use US iOS app, hiring managers have on-the-go flexibility to conveniently manage open jobs, process offer approvals, and view and take action on the candidates in consideration for their open jobs. Released September 2016.

The Hiring Manager App includes:

Mobile Candidate Review

Time is of the essence when filling jobs. This app presents hiring managers with candidate information for quick evaluation, including relevant information from the candidate’s profile, their resume, and any notes from the recruiter so the hiring manager can easily review candidates for open jobs.

"Thumbs Up" Feedback

With so many candidates in the pipeline, timely feedback is an important part of quickly progressing through the hiring process. With this app, hiring managers can provide simple “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” feedback and a related note to quickly give the recruiter a sense of how to proceed with that candidate.

Job and Offer Quick Approval

Hiring managers enjoy Quick Approval for jobs and offers. When a pending job or offer is displayed on screen, the hiring manager can quickly approve or reject it by selecting an approve or reject button.


Along with access to so many corporate systems comes the challenge of remembering passwords. Fortunately, hiring managers don’t need to remember their login information in order to access the iCIMS Mobile Hiring Manager App. The invitation sent by the user admin includes automatic authentication. Once a user authenticates a device, the hiring manager will only need to log in again if they actively sign out.

Personal To-Do List

As soon as the hiring manager logs into the app, their personal dashboard displays a To-Do list with open action items for easy review. From this screen, hiring managers can easily review and approve candidates, jobs, and offers.

Release Notes & Training

Release Video

The 16.4 Release brings iCIMS customers an improved user interface in key areas of the system for better ease of use and significant functionality upgrades to iCIMS Connect.

To enhance user experience throughout the Platform, all iCIMS users will have access to a new profile design that presents need-to-know details about a candidate or job in an easy-to-review format.

For customers using iCIMS Connect as part of their sourcing and candidate communication strategy, users responsible for coordinating hiring events will benefit from a series of enhancements that foster more positive, efficient events. These new Event Management features are the most significant advancements in iCIMS Connect to date, and include improved event scheduling and advertising, event pre-registration and an improved kiosk experience for interested candidates. Now, recruiters can even add real-time feedback on candidates while they are at recruiting events. In addition to enhanced Event Management, the 16.4 Release will provide iCIMS Connect users with increased visibility into a candidate’s engagement level with the organization to help identify the most interested candidates faster. Released in Fall 2016.

The 16.4 Release includes:

Profile Redesign

iCIMS has redesigned most profiles in the system to make essential details more visible. With a modern, easy-to-skim design, profiles for candidates, jobs, and other key profiles now better highlight need-to-know details and activities while still offering access to the rich information throughout the profile.

Factoids & Recent Activity Feed

As part of the Profile Redesign process, iCIMS has introduced Factoids and a Recent Activity Feed to most profiles in the system, allowing recruiters to quickly and easily review important information at a glance. Factoids provide quick details, such as a candidate’s years of experience or the number of jobs the candidate is in consideration for, to help recruiters hire faster. The Recent Activity Feed shows recent actions taken by candidates or internal stakeholders related to the profile, such as applications, emails, and interviews.

Candidate Activity Level

iCIMS Connect's new Candidate Activity Level feature allows recruiters to quickly discover which candidates are the most actively engaged. Candidates who interact most frequently with an organization’s Career Portal will be automatically highlighted with an icon within their talent pool, indicating that they are likely interested in pursuing an immediate career opportunity.

Event Management

This highly-requested feature enables recruiters to be even more strategic when sourcing candidates from career fairs, campus recruiting, and other events. iCIMS Connects’ new Event Management gives recruiters the capability to advertise events, allow candidates to pre-register, automate messages to attendees, and gain valuable insight into event success through robust reporting.

Candidate Kiosk Enhancements

The Connect Candidate Kiosk is now even easier for both event recruiters and candidates to use, streamlining the ability for event recruiters to network with potential top talent at events. Candidates can now pre-register for events and check in at the kiosk. This simplifies and speeds up the registration process to allow more candidates to provide their information, while enabling recruiters to spend more time interacting with candidates.

Recruiter Review

Working in conjunction with the Connect Candidate Kiosk, the Recruiter Review feature will enable event recruiters to use their mobile device to immediately search for, tag, and rate a candidate based on their face-to-face interaction. This feature also supplies recruiters with a detailed and reportable list of candidates after each event, enabling them to focus on reaching out to the most qualified candidates.

Release Video

The 16.3 Release will include significant enhancements to iCIMS Connect and iCIMS Recruit. These advancements include Candidate Tagging, Talent Pool Visualization, Candidate Job Recommendations, and Improved Automation in Connect. Upgrades to talent pool and candidate engagement strategies will enable iCIMS users to more effectively use the system to engage and interact with potential candidates, including those who may not have been hired but where a relationship with the company should be cultivated. Released July/August 2016.

The 16.3 Release includes:

Candidate Tagging

Instead of losing candidates in the mix, iCIMS Candidate Tagging will allow recruiters and sourcers to add specific searchable keywords to a candidate’s profile to better reflect their experience level, skills, history, and more. Tags are flexible to suit an organization’s specific methods for organizing candidates, and can even be used to keep track of particularly impressive or “Silver Medalist” candidates so that it’s easy to find great talent when the next opening becomes available. Candidate Tagging will also allow for Connect and Recruit users to essentially create sub-talent pools within preexisting talent pools, allowing recruiters to hone in on the perfect hire faster.

Talent Pool Visualization

When sorting through applicants and candidates, Talent Pool Visualization will offer iCIMS Connect users visibility into the makeup of their talent pools. The use of groupings, such as by status and by source, will assist in quickly identifying candidates who best fit available roles. Users can further filter groupings to create a targeted view and locate candidates who distinctly fit an open job.

Candidate Job Recommendations

Candidates can lose interest in an organization if they don’t have a sense of what new open jobs match their interests. But with Candidate Job Recommendations, passive candidates stored within talent pools in the iCIMS Talent Platform can be automatically re-engaged, with the system sending job digests related to their interests and location. By recommending job openings associated with their listed talent pools, passive candidates are encouraged to apply to open roles without requiring ongoing efforts or reactive campaigns on the part of the recruiter.

Improved Automation in Connect

When candidates in talent pools apply for jobs, the focus of the information received from an organization should shift as well. Based on established relationships between jobs and talent pools, candidates who are active on a job can be removed from automated email campaigns and job digests, and those who are no longer active can automatically receive messages related to their associated talent pools again. This improved automation will help recruiters maintain consistent engagement tactics with passive and active candidates.

Introducing a new login screen for your iCIMS Talent Platform

iCIMS is pleased to introduce a new login screen with the 16.3 Release! The new login screen will maintain the same functionality and content, but features an improved layout and updated interface.

Release Video

In the 16.2 Update, iCIMS Talent Platform users discover new email capabilities that streamline the process of composing, sending, and tracking communications sent from within the iCIMS Talent Platform. Across the system, the new In-Platform Email Preview feature lets users easily view their formatted messages before sending, and the addition of Drag & Drop Email Attachments also brings refreshing ease to recruiters' daily routine. Further, the ability to launch Same-Day Email Campaigns within iCIMS Connect allows users to capitalize on opportunities and take action quickly. Released April 2016.

The 16.2 Update includes:

Drag & Drop Email Attachments

iCIMS users can conveniently drag and drop attachments into email drafts from their computer, saving time when composing emails from within the Platform.

Same-Day Email Campaigns

Hiring top talent today is competitive and fast-paced, and companies looking to promote their employment brand need robust recruitment marketing solutions. To meet this need, Same-Day Email Campaigns allows iCIMS Connect users to organize, assemble, and send email campaigns within the same day, bridging the gap between planning and execution.

iCIMS Social Distribution has a new look! The tool, which allows organizations to advertise, promote, and source through social media networks, offers the same great features but now with a smoother experience for users. The new look and feel of iCIMS Social Distribution is more modern, intuitive, and cohesive with the iCIMS Talent Platform, providing the ideal setting for companies to scale their social job distribution efforts.

The 16.1 Update provides critical enhancements that allow users to work faster and more efficiently. Key enhancements include additional employment application progress information, an improved job posting experience and system architecture upgrades. Additionally, as our customers continue to grow and scale, iCIMS is constantly investing in incremental performance and scalability improvements and introducing technology to support future enhancements.

The 16.1 Update includes:

Application Progress Indicator Enhancement

Recruiters can now access a report that lets them see how long candidates take to complete specific application steps, providing insight into how each iCIMS customer can reduce candidate drop-off during the application process.

Better-Organized Job Posting Insight

When a job is posted, it is published to mobile-optimized Career Portals and also sent to free, highly-trafficked job sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster and LinkedIn through an automatic feed. The 16.1 Update improves the interface for this function, better organizing relevant information to provide better visibility into this valuable automatic job feed.

iCIMS Fall 2015 Update provides new self-administration and automation tools that allow our customers to hire best-fit talent faster and report on recruitment success more efficiently. Designed with flexibility in mind, the features in this update require little to no preparation on behalf of the customer.

The Fall 2015 Update includes:

Dynamic Approval Lists

User Admins can now create, store, and maintain Dynamic Approval Lists for jobs, offers, and more based on hierarchies and other relationships within their organization.

Scheduled Reports

Easy-to-use, flexible, and powerful Scheduled Reports allow User Admins to schedule recurring reports, which are emailed at specific intervals to any stakeholders.

Streamlined Password Reset

Applicants and Platform users who forget or want to update their passwords can use iCIMS Streamlined Password Reset process to restore their system access. This convenient password reset process removes obstacles that prevent candidates from completing applications and reduces the need for client or iCIMS HelpDesk support.

The 15.1 release delivers enhancements aimed at continuing to provide a best-to-market product and a great user experience. Through enhancements to our Employee Referral features and new capabilities that help reduce candidate drop-off, this release is designed to maximize usability for attracting talent. Additional improvements to our calendar integration and further mobile and searching enhancements improve our customers' ability to pursue strategic talent acquisition initiatives to hire best-fit talent.

The 15.1 Release includes:

Enhanced Employee Referrals

According to recent research, hires from referrals produce approximately 25% more profit impact than hires from other sources. Referrals are often said to be the best source of quality hires. iCIMS has improved the efficiency of our employee referral feature so that submitting referrals is now easier and more flexible. Recruiters can now request referrals from employees who are most likely to have a match within their networks. With iCIMS Employee Referrals, your jobs are amplified to target top talent and encourage engagement. As a result, users are empowered to reach more passive candidates, promote your company's employment brand, and track effectiveness all within the iCIMS Talent Platform.

Application Progress Indicators

To help recruiters reduce candidate drop-off during the application process, users can now see which candidates have incomplete applications and, specifically, which steps are not completed. This provides users with an easy way to contact applicants with incomplete profiles in bulk, and also helps users track key indicators of candidate drop-off. Additionally, to help enhance the candidate experience and likelihood of application completion, when candidates are applying through an iCIMS Career Portal they now see a progress bar that displays how many steps the application process includes, the number of steps the candidate has already completed, and which step they are currently on.

Expanded Calendar Integration

iCIMS Calendar Availability View offers integration with major calendar and email providers for availability, allowing users to leverage one platform to manage all calendaring and scheduling needs. In addition to Exchange 2010 and Google Calendar, iCIMS now supports Microsoft Exchange 2013 and Office 365 as email providers. Additional enhancements include email and appointment templates, the ability to personalize attachments to individual recipients, and the ability to assign specific rooms as meeting locations.

Simplified Profile Actions

The action buttons in each profile are redesigned and repositioned so using the system is more intuitive. This helps improve a user's efficiency by making the most frequently-used actions easy to access.

Mobile Friendly Hiring Manager Approvals

Approvals are now mobile-optimized with responsive design to automatically accommodate the appropriate viewing experience whether the hiring manager is on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Instead of being redirected to another page, approvals can be completed directly in email. This new feature helps reduce time-to-fill and improve the hiring manager's experience with the iCIMS Talent Platform.

Applicant Pool Visualization

Recruiters spend the majority of their time moving candidates through the recruiting workflow. This release introduces new features and functionality that simplify the process of reviewing and narrowing a job's applicant pool. Users are now able to quickly group together and filter candidates when working on filling a specific job. This new functionality gives users an easy way to view candidates by source, by location, by application date and more – making it easier for a recruiter to select how he or she sees all the people associated with a job. Users can also now select an individual or groups of candidates and drag and drop them to reject or advance them within the hiring process.

Improved Integration Framework

A critical component to providing the best Talent Acquisition software is our ability to seamlessly integrate with complementary 3rd party software solutions. With the 15.1 release, the improved iCIMS Integration and Web Services framework provides robust error handling, reporting, and visualization of integration successes directly within the iCIMS Platform. Problems or issues are identified quickly, decreasing lost time and increasing productivity.

Release Notes & Training