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Using Split-Screen View on the Person Profile

Release: 16.4

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Split-screen view enables users to view two tabs simultaneously within the same Profile. This feature is available within all profiles in the Platform, with the exception of Room Profiles. With the split-screen view, Platform users can view candidate information and resumes simultaneously or edit offer details and review iForms without switching windows or reloading information.

  • Split-screen view is only available on browser windows 1280 px in width (or larger). 
  • Users with a browser window of 1480 px or wider will be able to access a larger split-screen pane. The width of the pane will update dynamically as a user's browser width is resized between 1480 px and 1680 px or above.

Using Split-Screen View on the Person Profile

This example will demonstrate using the split-screen view within a Person Profile. The feature works similarly within other profile types.
  1. Navigate to the desired Person Profile and locate the gray left-facing arrow on the far right of the profile, beside the tabs.
  • Click this arrow to expand an additional pane on the right and enter split-screen view.
An image highlighting the arrow used to enter split-screen view.
  • To collapse the additional pane and exit split-screen view, click the gray arrow once it is right-facing.
An image highlighting the right-facing arrow used to exit split-screen view
  • Tabs that can be accessed in the split-screen pane include all fields-type tabs (e.g. Candidate Details Tab), among other options. All tabs accessed in split-screen are fully functional (i.e. users can edit fields, send emails, etc.).
  • Note certain tabs are not available in the split-screen pane, including the Resume and iForms Tabs.
  • Tabs that allow the user to access a search results view while in the middle pane of the profile (e.g. Workflows, Notes, Tasks, etc.) do not allow the user the same search results view in the right pane.
An image showing the Workflows Tab in split-screen view.
The Workflows Tab on the Person Profile can be viewed in the right pane in split-screen view.
Users cannot access a search results view in this pane, but can view the information within the panels.