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Using the Self-Scheduling Feature

Release: 16.1

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iCIMS Talent Platform allows candidates to self-schedule interview slots. This feature is most useful when a single interviewer or interview team will be available to one or more candidate(s) for an extended period of time, so the choice of time slot may be at the candidate’s convenience rather than determined by interviewer availability. For example, self-scheduling may be used to allow candidates to schedule interview slots during a career fair if the interviewers will be reliably available during multiple time slots while attending this event.
The following process describes the general stages that occur when the self-scheduling feature is utilized:
  • The recruiter sets up time slots for each available block of time.
  • Candidates receive an email asking them to sign up for a specific time.
  • When a candidate fills a specific time slot, that slot will be closed to all other candidates.
  • The recruiter is alerted to which time the candidate has chosen.

Using the Self-Scheduling Feature

  1. Use the Job Quick Search to locate a job with candidates who need to be interviewed.
  2. On the People Tab, select the By Status grouping and ensure that you are in the Detailed View for that grouping.
  3. Locate the desired candidate and select the checkbox beside the candidate’s name. Then, expand the More Actions menu, located on the bottom right of the tab. Select Schedule Interview from the menu.
  • Tip: It is possible to do mass invitations for Appointments, Tasks, or Interviews by selecting more than one person from the People Tab.
  1. Click the Propose Times link on the top left of the Schedule Interview popup. This will launch the Schedule Time Slots popup.
  2. On the Schedule Time Slots popup, use the Add Time Slot button to add as many times and dates as needed. Modify accordingly. When you are done, click the Save button. 
  • Tips: 
    • The main Appointment window will display up to 20 of the available time slots. Users can click the Propose Times link again to see a full list all of the time slots available.
    • The capacity for each time slot may be set individually within the Capacity field. This limits how many candidates may register for a specific slot.
  1. Customize the appointment that will be sent out to the candidate as desired. (The Appointment Self Scheduling Request Template will display by default, which will include the URL for the Career Portal so that the candidate can log in and choose a time slot.) Click Send to send the appointment to the candidate. 


  • For more information about creating appointments and interviews, please see Creating and Editing Appointments or Interviews.
  • The link in the email will direct the candidate to the Candidate Dashboard page. The candidate will log in and immediately be taken to the Portal's Manage Appointments page. On this page, the candidate can choose a time slot for the interview. Once a time slot is chosen, the recruiter will receive an email detailing which time slot the candidate has chosen. Once a time slot has reached its set capacity (typically limited to a single candidate unless the appointment is an open event), the chosen time slot will not be available for any other candidate.
  • When the candidate logs in to the Career Portal, the Portal will display the time zone for all appointments for the candidate’s reference in the candidate’s associated time zone. The candidate may update the time zone associated with their credentials by clicking the hyperlinked time zone, which will direct the candidate to update their own information and preferences.
  • If you experience trouble when attempting to allow multiple candidates to self-schedule, it may be that one of the candidates has an invalid or bounced email address. Check candidates' email addresses and remove any with a bounced or invalid email status, and then try again.

Viewing the Appointment Block Attendance Report

  1. Select Report on the menu bar, and select Reporting Center from the dropdown menu.
  2. Choose the Appointment Block Attendance Report from the Self Scheduling Reports Panel.
  3. Expand each section of the search results to view the Appointments for each position.