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Using and Accessing WOTC and Tax Credit Solutions from the iCIMS Talent Platform

Release: 16.4

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A WOTC integration allows iCIMS clients to create a seamless application process by including a third-party WOTC or Tax Credit vendor. The results are then returned to the iCIMS Talent Platform for the client to view on the Recruiting Workflow Profile.

Process Overview

There are two ways to approach a WOTC integration: requesting information from a candidate during the application process and requesting information from a candidate during the onboarding process.

Application Complete & Workflow Status Change

The WOTC integration typically consists of three steps. First, the integration is initialized when a candidate reaches the last page of the application on the Career Portal. The candidate will be presented with a link to the vendor’s platform to complete the WOTC questionnaire. Upon completion of the WOTC questionnaire, the candidate will be directed back to the Career Portal and notified that the application has been submitted.

Next, some WOTC vendors request to be notified when an offer is extended to the candidate. If the vendor requires this information, a Workflow Status Change will be used to trigger this notification to the vendor. The vendor will use the timestamp of the status change as the Date/Time of the offer being sent. Note: No field data will be passed.

Finally, when the candidate is hired, the recruiter or hiring manager will need to ensure the following fields are filled in on the candidate's profile:
  • Start Date
  • Hire Date
  • Salary
  • Job Title
  • Location
Once completed, the recruiter will place the candidate into whichever workflow status will trigger the third event in this process, which is to send the remaining information to the WOTC vendor.

After the candidate has completed the assessment(s), the vendor will update the Results entries on the Recruiting Workflow Profile. A URL link will be provided to access the full details of the assessment.

Onboarding Task

Clients leveraging iCIMS Onboard can assign new hires a task to complete the WOTC Survey during onboarding, which will require them to complete a WOTC questionnaire before their first day of work. Once the new hire completes the questionnaire, the results will be returned back to the Screen Tab on the Person Profile. The process is as follows. 
  1. The recruiter must first submit the candidate to the workflow status that sends the candidate to onboarding.
  2. The recruiter then completes the Onboarding Wizard process and assigns the appropriate WOTC task.
  3. The recruiter will be redirected to the Employee tab where they will complete the required WOTC fields:
    • Start Date
    • Hire Date
    • Job Location
    • Salary (if required by specific vendor)
    • Job Title
Note: US SSN information should be collected before the candidate tries to complete the WOTC task.
  1. As part of the onboarding process, the candidate will sign in to the Onboarding Portal and click on the assigned WOTC task. This initiates the process on the vendor's side. The candidate is then returned to the Onboarding Portal.
  2. Results are returned to the Screen Tab on the candidate's Person Profile.