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Using and Accessing I-9 & E-Verify Solutions from the iCIMS Talent Platform

Release: 16.4

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iCIMS customers who purchase I-9 & E-Verify® Connectors paired and integrated with iCIMS Onboard benefit from a user-friendly and mistake-proof way to comply with Form I-9 employment eligibility verification and E-Verify® regulations. New hires can leverage a seamless approach to submitting I-9s, and onboarding specialists who manage the I-9 process can easily track these forms from within iCIMS Reporting Center and within specific Person Profiles.

The following article describes steps for initiating Form I-9 completion, as well as how to generate and view reports about I-9 and E-Verify, all within the iCIMS Talent Platform.

Initiating Completion of Form I-9 from within the iCIMS Talent Platform

The steps below describe initiating the Form I-9 Completion Process by hiring a candidate and utilizing the Onboard Wizard.
  1. Log in to the iCIMS Talent Platform. Then, select Job in the Quick Search options and search for a job with a candidate who needs to be hired and onboarded. 
  2. On the job’s People Tab, select the By Status grouping (in Detailed View). Then, expand the Offer Bin and the Offer Accepted status.
    • Tip: Candidates in your Platform may be in different statuses, depending on your recruiting workflow process.
  3. Select the candidate to be hired, and then click the Advance button. Select the Hired: Start Onboarding status to update the candidate’s status and launch the Onboarding Wizard.
    • Tip: The statuses in your Platform may be named differently, depending on your company’s configuration. Make sure to select whichever status is designated to launch the Onboard Wizard for your organization. 
  4. On the Onboarding Wizard, select a notification option in the Notifications section, and then check the final two checkboxes in the Actions section [Move candidate to folder and Create an Employee (Onboarding) Profile]. Then, complete all fields in the Employee Fields section. Finally, click OK.
An image of the Onboarding Wizard.
  • Tip: The selection for the I-9 Completion Location will determine the process that the new hire follows to complete the form. Select On-Site for new hires who will be completing the form in a corporate office where they can furnish the required documents and sign the form. Or, select Remote if your new hire will be completing the form elsewhere.
  1. Select All New Hire Category Profiles from the Filter By dropdown and select a New Hire Category to submit the new hire to. (Alternately, select Type New Hire Category Name to Search, begin typing, and then select the correct New Hire Category.) Then, click Submit
  2. Assign the new hire the correct I-9 task and any other required new hire tasks. (Please note that this task may be named differently in your Platform.)
  3. Configure the email (which will be sent to the new hire, directing them to the New Hire Portal) as necessary. Click Send to complete the process and email the new hire. 
  4. You will be brought to the Employee tab on the new hire’s profile. Ensure that Start Date is completed, update any necessary fields, and then click Save.
  5. The new hire will then be responsible for completing Section 1 of their Form I-9.

Viewing Reports and I-9 and E-Verify Data in the iCIMS Talent Platform

The steps below describe viewing reports and I-9 and E-Verify data within the iCIMS Talent Platform.
  1. Log in to the iCIMS Talent Platform.
  2. Locate the I-9 and E-Verify Reports Panel on your Dashboard.
    • Tip: If you do not see this panel on your Dashboard, contact your user admin or iCIMS Technical Support.
  3. Select the report you would like to view by clicking on its title.
  4. Select the contact's name from the Search Results to view additional I-9 information. 
  5. Select the Screen Tab within the Person Profile, and then select the I-9 & E-Verify panel to view their I-9 data.

Additional Information for Tracker I-9 & E-Verify Users

Tracker I-9 & E-Verify® provide extensive information regarding their product and how to use it in the Tracker I-9 Complete Manual.