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Understanding and Creating Location Profiles

Release: 16.2

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The Location Profile (sometimes called the Company Profile, depending on your organization’s preference) stores location data (i.e. street, city, state, zip, and country) used primarily on the Job Profile and used by candidates as a search choice for a job’s corporate location.
Location Profiles are typically linked to both Job and Person Profiles. Recruiters use the Location Profile when creating and posting Job Profiles to Career Portals. Hiring managers can be associated to a Location Profile to track profiles relevant to the company. A Location Profile can also have multiple hiring managers assigned to it, including contacts at agencies.

Each Platform database includes one Location Profile (System ID 5) that typically bears your organization’s name. Note that this profile cannot be purged from the system.
This article provides basic information about creating and working with Location or Company Profiles. For advanced interactions with Location Profiles, including adding a nested address or hiring manager to a Location Profile, please refer to the Adding a Nested Address or Hiring Manager to a Location Profile article.

Location Profile Tabs

The Location or Company Profile typically has two tabs that organize company information. The Professional Tab contains fields that are specific to the Location Profile. The Managers Tab contains fields related to the Hiring Manager Profile(s) and/or any associated managers and/or agency contacts. (Note: The options displayed may vary depending upon the configuration of your Platform and may not match the list below.) 
  • Professional Tab
    • General Information
      • Name: A text field with a default limit of 192 characters. Should be a unique name to avoid confusion.
      • Email: A text (email) field with a default limit of 128 characters.
      • Location Folder: A single-select dropdown list with a default value of Active.
    • Contact Information
      • Address: A text field with a default limit of 128 characters.
      • Address 2: A text field with a default limit of 128 characters.
      • City: A text field with a default limit of 64 characters.
      • Postal Code: A text field with a default limit of 16 characters.
      • Country: A single-select dropdown list. Must be filled out before a State/Province can be selected.
      • State/Province: A single-select dropdown list.
  • Managers Tab: Displays all of the hiring managers/contacts associated with the Location Profile.

Creating a Location Profile

  1. Select Create from the menu bar, and select Location (or Company) from the dropdown menu.
  2. Enter the Name and Email (if applicable) in the General Information section of the Create New Location screen, and then click the Next button to continue.
    • Tip: Each Location Profile should have a unique Name and Email combination. The Location or Company Name will be displayed and exported on any report within the Platform where the Location Profile is associated, such as an approved jobs reports export.
  3. Select the correct Location Folder from the dropdown list. (Note: The Folder selection may default to Active, depending on your Platform’s configurations.)
  4. Click the New button within the Contact Information section of the Create New Location screen to enter the company location.
  5. Complete the fields within the Create New Location Entry popup window, and click the OK button to continue.
    • Tip: The State/Province list will only populate with the associated options once the Country is selected.
  6. Select the Finish button to create the new Company Profile.
  • To create a new Location Profile for an agency that your organization works with, follow steps 1-6 with the following changes:
    • For Step 2, type the agency name in the Name field.
    • For Step 3, select the Location Folder named Active Agency.
  • iCIMS Technical Support can enable a field called Location Name (Integration) if an alternate company name should be displayed for job posting purposes. This field is hidden by default and, if enabled, allows the client to share an alternate name to Job Distribution or I-9 E-Verify providers in regards to this job.
  • For more information on creating an Agency Profile, please refer to the Creating Agency Companies and Agency Contacts article.

Creating a Location Profile from within a Job Profile

  1. Locate the relevant Job Profile, and click the Edit button on the Detail Tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Assignment section, and click into the Location dropdown list. Click – Create Company –.
  3. Follow steps 2-6 from the Creating a Location Profile section within this article.
  4. Click the Save button to preserve the changes to the Job Profile.
Tip: For information on advanced interactions with Location (or Company) Profiles, including adding a nested address or hiring manager to a Location Profile, please see the Adding a Nested Address or Hiring Manager to a Location Profile article.