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Tips for Managing Approvers and Approval Lists

Release: 16.3

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The iCIMS Talent Platform enables users to submit candidates, offers, jobs and iForms through an approval chain prior to taking action on the item. To initiate an approval process, follow the steps in the appropriate article from the list below: This article provides an overview of key icons that will allow you to modify an approval sequence within an Edit Approval List screen prior to initiating an approval process.

General Tips:
  • The contact list will auto-suggest approvers once you have typed at least two letters of a person’s name.
  • Users may or may not be given access to Global Lists. A Global List is a pre-defined approval list created and saved by the User Admin. Click the Run Search icon beside the Search Global Lists field to select from any pre-defined approval lists.
  • If you would like to use a Global List in addition to other Approvers, apply the Global List first. If selected second, the Global List will overwrite the previously selected Approvers.

An image that displays the Clear List, Grip, and Delete button/icons on an Approval Tab.

A. Clearing the Approval List

Users can remove all approvers in one step by selecting the Clear List button.

B. Reordering Approvers

If multiple approvers are selected, users can modify the sequence of the approval chain by clicking the Grip icon and dragging the approver to the desired slot in the chain.

C. Deleting an Approver

Users can delete individual approvers from the approval list by selecting the red Delete icon.