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Socially Ranking a Candidate on a Person or Recruiting Workflow Profile

Release: 16.4

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Social Ranking allows users to recruit efficiently as a team or individually by rating candidates with one click and adding notes to comment on a person’s overall qualities. This tool offers users the ability to rank candidates out of 5 stars and leave comments regarding their selected rank.

Users can rank a candidate from a Person Profile or from a Recruiting Workflow Profile; however, the ranking will always be on a per-candidate basis, not a per-job basis.

Socially Ranking a Candidate

  1. Navigate to the desired candidate's Person Profile or Recruiting Workflow Profile via quick search or full search.
  2. Review the profile card of the Candidate Profile. Your current rating and a brief summary of all users’ ratings will display beneath the candidate’s name and folder. Click to select the appropriate number of stars to rate the candidate.
An image that highlights the Social Ranking section of the profile card on a Person Profile.
  • If desired, include a comment about the candidate by entering a note in the Note popup and clicking Save Rating. Creating a note is optional and can be skipped by clicking Save Rating without entering a note.
    • Note: Hitting the Esc key results in neither the note nor the rating being recorded.
  1. Edit your rating, if necessary, by re-selecting the correct amount of stars. The Note popup will return, allowing your comment to be revised, as well.
  • If you have not yet ranked a candidate, the stars will appear empty. After ranking the candidate, your ranking will display in yellow stars.
  • Rating information is also available to view and edit within the Contact Tab on the candidate's Person Profile.
  • Ratings can only be deleted by selecting the Edit button on the Contact Tab on the candidate's Person Profile and deleting them from the Edit Profile screen.
  • Users can view all notes and rankings by selecting the average ratings link, available beneath an individual user's rating on a candidate’s profile card.
An image that displays this link.
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