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Social Distribution: Using the Social Distribution Metrics Dashboard

Release: 16.2

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iCIMS Social Distribution is equipped with its own metrics dashboard that allows users to see high-level key metrics within the Social Distribution application, each of which pertain to specific areas of their social recruiting continuum. Data from the Social Distribution platform is separated into a summary and four additional categories: Publishing, Views, Engagement, and Sharing. These metrics are also distributed to company administrators in a Monthly Analytics Report Overview. 

Note: The analytics described in this article are typically only available to administrators. Please contact your Social Distribution admin or iCIMS Technical Support for assistance.

Accessing Social Distribution Analytics within the Social Distribution Application

Users can access Social Distribution metrics by clicking the Metrics Dashboard icon directly, which will load the Metrics Dashboard page. From there, the other key metrics categories will be accessible below the menu bar. The key metrics categories are described below. 

  • Summary: provides a high-level overview of all metrics, including company information, where jobs are being viewed, which engagement features are generating the most clicks, and how jobs are being distributed.
  • Publishing: these metrics take into account jobs posted by employees manually and via the Scheduler Dashboard, providing the following information: where jobs are published, which jobs are published most, and how many jobs your company has published.
  • Views: provides insight into the number of views your jobs are getting, such as where jobs are being viewed, which jobs are being viewed the most, and how many job views your company has had by month.
  • Engagement: provides information regarding engagement, which is measured by job seekers’ visiting your company’s various social media pages via the links provided in the Connect With Us section on your company’s Social Distribution job listings page or a specific job post. Metrics include which engagement features generate the most clicks and how many clicks engagement features have generated by month. 
  • Sharing: provides information about job shares, which are recorded each time a job seeker shares a job on their own social media profile by selecting one of the available Share links. Metrics include where jobs are being shared, which jobs are being shared the most, and how many shares your company's jobs have had by month.

Using the Social Distribution Monthly Metrics Report Overview

The monthly metrics report is sent out on the 1st day of each month to the Social Distribution account administrator. This report includes the following sections, described below: Account Overview, Account Totals, Top Five Published By Us, Top Five Views, Top Five Engagements, and Top Five Shared By Others.
  • Account Overview: The Account Overview section provides relevant details about your account, including a summary of your associated social media profiles and Scheduler settings.
  • Account Totals: The Account Totals section provides relevant details about the jobs published by your company, including the following metrics:
    • Published By Us: the number of times your company’s jobs were published to various social media sites, through the Scheduler Dashboard
    • Views: the number of times jobs were viewed through Social Distribution
    • Engagements: the number of times job seekers have engaged with your company by clicking a social media link available from the Connect With Us section of your company’s Social Distribution page or job posts
    • Shared By Others: the number of times job seekers shared jobs by clicking a social media Share link
  • Top Five Published By Us: The Top Five Published By Us section lists the five jobs that have been posted the most, through both manual and scheduled posts, from highest number of publishes to lowest.
  • Top Five Views: The Top Five Views section lists the five most-viewed jobs, from highest number of views to lowest.
  • Top Five Engagements: Top Five Engagements lists the five job posts from which job seekers most often clicked a Connect With Us social media link.
  • Top Five Shared By Others: The Top Five Shared by Others lists the top five job posts that were shared by job seekers via the Share links listed on a job post.
Note: A “Top Five” section may include fewer than five jobs for any “Top Five” section that does not have enough relevant data. For example, if only four of your company jobs have been shared, only those four jobs will be listed in the Top Five Shared By Others section. Likewise, if no jobs were shared, this section would have no jobs listed.

Tip: For more Social Distribution resources for Admins, please see Introduction to Social Distribution