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Social Distribution: Signing up for Social Distribution Using Facebook or LinkedIn

Release: 16.2

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When a company has completed its Social Distribution implementation, recruiter and employee users should receive links by email (from their company administrator) inviting them to register for Social Distribution. Once a recruiter or employee has received this link, they may proceed with the steps listed below.

Signing up for Social Distribution Using Facebook or LinkedIn

  1. Click the link provided to you by your company or company administrator, inviting you to register for Social Distribution.
  2. On the Employee Registration page, select either the Facebook or LinkedIn button to begin the sign up process. Log in, if necessary, and allow iCIMS Social Distribution permission to access your information on any popups that may display. 
  3. Complete all the applicable fields on the Create Account screen, and select the Sign Up button to continue.
    • Tips:
      • You may be able to register for Social Distribution using a non-corporate email address or choose from a pre-defined list of corporate email domains, depending on your organization’s preference. For more information on these registration options, please contact your organization’s Social Distribution administrator.
      • Recruiters who enter an email domain shared by multiple companies/brands will be prompted to select their company before their registration is finalized. 
  4. You will receive an email asking to confirm the installation. Select the confirmation link in the email to complete this installation and return to the application.
Tip: For more Social Distribution resources for all users, please see Introduction to Social Distribution.