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Social Distribution: Connecting an Additional Social Account

Release: 16.2

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When you sign up for Social Distribution, you must connect either your Facebook or LinkedIn account. Follow the steps below to access the Network Connection Center and connect to another social account (Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter).

Connecting an Additional Social Account

  1. Open the Social Distribution application, and click on any of the social account icons to expand the Network Connection Center.
An image of the Social Distribution menu bar with the Network Connection Center highlighted.
  1. Select the Connect with… (or Connect to...) button for the account that you wish to connect. 
  2. Sign in to your account (if necessary), and allow Social Distribution to access your account on any popups that may display. (The login screen and accompanying buttons will vary depending on the account you are connecting.)
  3. The Network Connection Center will refresh, showing your social account as active. You may now schedule posts for this account.
  • When you have successfully connected to a network, the red “Not Connected” message no longer displays and the icon associated with the network will display in full color.
An image showing the difference between a disconnected and a connected account in the Network Connection Center.
  • Social account connections need to be re-authorized every 90 days. If a social account connection needs to be re-authorized, a small warning icon will display. Click the icon to expand the Network Connection Center, and then click the Authorize icon.
  • Select the Disconnect link to disconnect from a network. (Note: Your Social Distribution account must always be connected to either a LinkedIn or Facebook profile. While you have the option of disconnecting from either account at your own discretion, you may not disconnect from both accounts simultaneously.)
  • LinkedIn company profiles cannot be connected and used for the Social Distribution Scheduler or Automatic Publisher.
  • For more Social Distribution resources for all users, please see Introduction to Social Distribution.