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Social Distribution: Configuring the Social Distribution Tab on Your Company Facebook Page

Release: 16.2

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Once Social Distribution has been installed on your company's Facebook page (which is done during implementation), the company Facebook page admin can configure some aspects of the application.

By default, the Social Distribution app will display as a tab titled Job Openings with a default image on your company’s Facebook page. This tab can be renamed (and be given a new tab image) by the Company page admin using Facebook’s App settings, described below. 

Configuring the Social Distribution Tab on Your Company Facebook Page

Please Note: All steps below take place on the Facebook website and are subject to change.
  1. Log in to Facebook and use the search bar to locate your company’s Facebook page.
  2. Locate the Social Distribution Job Openings tab and app for future reference. (Note: The tab may be located under the More menu. See the tip below for more information.)
  • Tip: If your Job Openings tab is not visible as displayed above, it is likely under the More menu. To move the tab to the main list of tabs, click More, and then click Manage tabs. Then, drag and drop the Job Openings tab to your preferred location. Finally, click Save to finalize your changes.
An image highlighting the Manage Tabs option in the More menu.
  1. Click Settings, located at the top right of the page.
  2. Click Apps on the left-side navigation.
  3. Select the Edit Settings link underneath the Social Distribution app.
  4. Update the tab display name, if desired, and click Save. (Leave this field blank to continue using the default name, Job Openings.)
  5. Update the tab image, if desired, by selecting Change beside the Custom Tab Image label. (Note: This will open up a new page/tab in your browser.)
    • Tip: If you do not what to update the tab image, skip to step 11.
  6. On the Upload a Custom Image page, hover over the current image and click Edit.
  7. Click Choose File on the popup, and then select an image matching Facebook’s specifications (111 x 74 pixels) from your computer. 
  8. The page will refresh, displaying your new custom tab image. Close the Upload a Page Tab Image tab and navigate to the Facebook App Settings tab, which should still be open in your browser.
An image highlighting the Close Tab icon in a browser.
An image showing the Edit Social Distribution Settings popup.
  1. Click OK on the Edit Social Distribution Settings popup.
  2. Revisit your Company’s Facebook page to view the updated tab and app.
Tip: For more Social Distribution resources for admins, please see Introduction to Social Distribution.