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Social Distribution: Configuring Company-Wide Message Templates

Release: 16.2

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Admin users for Social Distribution clients may now configure message templates for their entire organization, including the templates for Scheduler and Company Invite messages. These templates, once configured by an admin user, replace the default text that appears for all company users whenever they refer a friend to a job or schedule a job post.

The ability to configure company templates is typically only given to admins. Please contact iCIMS Technical Support if you would like to expand this ability to others.

Configuring Company-Wide Message Templates

  1. Select Company > Manage Templates from the menu bar.
  2. Click the Edit Template icon beside the template that you would like to edit.
  3. Configure the template using the available options. (Note that options available for each template will vary.) Click Save Template to finalize your changes.
  • Variables can be selected from the list below the template message or manually typed in using the format [VariableNameHere], if you know the variables’ names.
  • Templates will be presented to users whenever they refer a friend to a job or schedule a job post. However, users with the Scheduler Image Upload and Scheduler Text Edit permissions enabled are still able to modify the default/configured template presented to them before sending a message out. (By default, only admin users have these permissions. To expand editing permissions to other users, please contact iCIMS Technical Support.)
  • For more Social Distribution resources for all admins, please see Introduction to Social Distribution.