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Social Distribution: Branding Job Posts and Microsites

Release: 16.2

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Your company’s microsite is how candidates find jobs and engage with your company; it is typically accessed from the Job Openings tab of your company Facebook page, or can be sent to connections via the link in the View Job Board popup on the Social Distribution application’s Jobs menu item. iCIMS Social Distribution lets admin users add your organization’s logos to your company’s microsite, as well as links your company’s blog, social networking sites, and videos for maximum candidate engagement. These configurations can be initially made on your behalf by iCIMS staff (typically during implementation), but can also be updated from Company > Company Branding in the menu bar.

Note: If your organization has only one Social Distribution account, you may only configure one global branding (even if you have multiple Facebook Company pages). If your company has multiple child companies, however, you can leverage multiple branding configurations. For more information, please contact iCIMS Technical Support.

An image highlighting a branded job microsite.

Note: Branding options are typically accessible only by admin users. Please contact iCIMS Technical Support if you would like to expand this ability to others, such as a marketing team.

Branding Jobs and Microsites

  1. Select Company > Company Branding from the menu bar. 
  2. Enter the URL for each of your company’s social media profiles in the fields within the Social Media Settings section of the form. (These profiles will display as linked icons on your company’s microsite; see tip below for additional information.)
    • Tips:
      • Social media profiles display as linked icons on the right of the company microsite and allow candidates to engage with your company.
      • If an invalid URL is entered for any of the fields, an error will display and the user will be unable to save their Social Media Settings. 
      • Only one YouTube video can be included per Facebook page. The link must be a direct link to a specific video and not a general YouTube channel; a correct URL should include a video ID at the end (e.g.:
  3. Use the Choose File (or Browse...) buttons to upload a Company Header, Company Logo, and/or Job Post Header in the Company Branding section. (It is recommended that all fields are completed, but they can be left blank if necessary.)
    • Tip: Click the example link to view a sample Job Board and Job Page, demonstrating where the Company Picture, Job Post Header, and Job Board Header will display. (Note: The example will open in a popup window.)
An image highlighting the example link in the Company Branding section.
  1. Use the Choose File (or Browse...) buttons to upload the images that will accompany all of the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Shares. Click the Save button to refresh the screen and confirm that the brand settings have been saved.  
    • Tip: All company Branding Images should be an appropriate size and type before uploading. Maximum size (in pixels) and acceptable file types are listed below the file upload field for each social media share image. (Note: Larger sized images will be scaled down, but smaller-sized images will not be scaled up.)

Previewing Branded Job Postings and Microsites 

  1. From the Jobs page, select the View Job link below a job name to view the branded job posting. 
  2. The information entered on the Branding screen will display as part of the job posting. Select the View All Jobs button to view the branding on the microsite. 
An image highlighting the View All Jobs link on a Job Post.
  1. The branded company microsite will display similar to the image below and will include the current job openings, as well as the corporate branding and links to the company’s social media networks.

An image of a branded microsite.

Tip: For more Social Distribution resources for admins, please see Introduction to Social Distribution.