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Social Distribution: Accessing Social Distribution

Release: 16.2

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All users can access Social Distribution using the steps below. Please note, however, that not all users will have access to all tabs and buttons highlighted in this article. For more information, please contact your Social Distribution administrator or iCIMS Technical Support.

Accessing Social Distribution

  1. Visit and select the Customer Login link on the top right hand side of the page.
  2. Select either the Facebook or LinkedIn button under User Account and enter your email and password, if necessary, to open Social Distribution.
    • Tip: If Social Distribution is associated with your Facebook account, you can also access Social Distribution from the left navigation panel of your Facebook home page. 
  3. Refer to the information below as you begin navigating the Social Distribution application.

A labeled image of the Jobs tab and menu bar.

  1. Menu items: View and post your company’s jobs, configure company branding, schedule job posts, manage your company members, edit text and image templates, and view key metrics. (Note that not all menu items will be available for all users.)
  2. Invite: Invite employees or recruiters to use Social Distribution. (Note that this button may not be available, if your company has disabled the Invite button.)
  3. Network Connection Center: View your network connection status from the menu bar, or click any network icon to manage your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter connections. (Networks that display in full-color are successfully connected; networks that display in gray scale have not yet been connected.)
  4. Account Settings: Access your Account Settings to update the name, email address, and phone number on your account, or to deactivate your account entirely.
  5. Save Search: Save your search criteria for future use. For more information on saving searches, please see Saving a Job Search.
  6. View Job Board: Select specific jobs to share with others and generate a custom job board microsite. For more information, please see Generating a Custom Job Board.
  7. Sort By: Sort jobs by title, location, requisition number, or posted date.
  8. View Job Link: See what a job post looks like to job seekers. This feature is available only when a job is active.
  9. Social App Buttons: Once a job is active, use the social application buttons to publish it ad hoc to various sites. (Note: The Scheduler Dashboard performs this function automatically for jobs posted to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.)
  10. Schedule Post: Scheduling a single post will publish your jobs on a future date. For more information about scheduling posts, please see Scheduling a One-Time Job Posting.
Tip: For more Social Distribution resources for all users, please see Introduction to Social Distribution.