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Sending an Offer Letter to a Candidate

Release: 16.3

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The iCIMS Talent Platform provides two main ways to send an offer letter to a candidate. Both of these methods have the ability to automatically fill in information from the candidate's profile.

Options for Sending an Offer Letter to a Candidate

The following options are available to support client offer letter needs within the system:
  1. A standard email template can be created for offer letters. This email will contain all of the information regarding the offer in the body of the email. This can also include images, attachments, and more.
  2. A custom iForm can be created for an offer letter. This will have all of the same functionality of the email, and the iForm can capture electronic signatures. The signed forms can be forwarded to other parties in the company if necessary. The iCIMS Talent Platform will also keep this form on record attached to this candidate/job. If you would like to have a custom iForm created, please contact your Client Relationship Director.

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