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Selecting an Assessment and Viewing Assessment Results

Release: 16.3

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An assessment integration allows iCIMS clients to create a seamless application process by including a third-party assessment, additional survey, or test for their candidates. The results are then returned to the iCIMS Talent Platform for the client to view on the Recruiting Workflow Profile.

Process Overview
A standard assessment integration can be built in one of two ways.
  • If a client requires that all candidates applying to a job to take an assessment, the Application Complete integration should be used.
  • If the client would like to pick candidates to take assessments based on certain criteria, the Status Update integration should be used.
Some clients may choose both integrations.

To set up and initiate an assessment integration, the recruiter first creates a new job within iCIMS and select the assessment package that candidates need to take when applying for the job. Then a candidate applies for the job.
  • If the assessment is configured for Application Complete, the candidate is redirected to the vendor’s assessment portal when the candidate is done applying for the job.
  • If the assessment is configured for Status Update, the recruiter must decide an assessment is required for the candidate. The recruiter initiates the assessment integration by setting the candidate's recruiting workflow status to the correct status to launch the assessment process.
    • The vendor may optionally send a URL that is presented to the recruiter. The recruiter can click this URL to launch a popup that takes them into the vendor’s platform to confirm the selected packages.
    • A URL link will be sent to the candidate via email to direct the candidate to the vendor’s assessment portal or conduct the assessment.
After the candidate has completed the assessment(s), the vendor will update the Results entries on the Recruiting Workflow profile that can be viewed on the candidate's Screen Tab. A URL link is provided to access the full details of the assessment.