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Searching for Fields and Settings in System Configuration

Release: 16.2

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Users can search for fields and settings throughout System Configuration. This feature is useful for users who know what field or setting they need to edit, but are unsure on which page the field or setting is located. It also may save time and clicks.

Searching for Fields and Settings

  1. Select Admin from the menu bar, and then select System Configuration.
  2. Locate the search field on the left-side menu. Type part of the field label or field ID for the field you are looking for, or part of the label for the setting you are looking for.
    • Tip: Users are also able to search for sections within System Configuration by entering all or part of a section header. The first setting under that section will be highlighted as a match for the user’s search terms. (For example, if a user admin wants to review the mobile settings for their Connect Portals, but aren’t sure which specific keys to search for, they can search for Mobile. This search returns a few settings, including the section located at Products > Connect > Configure > Portal > General > Mobile.)
  3. Review your results, which will automatically display in the right pane. Select one of these results to be brought directly to that field or setting, which will be highlighted in yellow to make it easier to spot.

An image of a search result in System Configuration.

An image of a search result in System Configuration.


  • Each search result will display the path that leads to that field or setting for easy reference.

An image highlighting the path it would take to navigate to the path normally.

  • To return to your search results, click the Back button.

User Admin Curriculum

The iCIMS introductory curriculum for user admins is split into four sections: Working in System Configuration, Managing Libraries, Managing Users & Profiles, and Managing Scheduled Reports. It includes videos and articles, with each type of resource denoted by the following icons:
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These resources provide information to assist user admins in configuring and maintaining their organization's instance of the iCIMS Talent Platform.

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