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Retrieving Your Lost or Forgotten Login or Password: Platform Users

Release: 16.1

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There is a password reset process built into the iCIMS Talent Platform that can be used by clients and candidates. iCIMS protects client and candidate passwords through a secure reset process. A user or candidate can have a new, automatically generated password provided through an automated reset process if a password is forgotten. The user or candidate will then be prompted to reset the password upon login. Passwords are encrypted using secure hash algorithms.

Please note that if your organization's security settings require it, you may be asked to reset your password using this method.

The process below does not require access to your current password. If you know your current password, follow the steps in theĀ Changing Your Password: Platform Users article.

Retrieving Your Lost or Forgotten Login or Password as a Platform User

  1. On the dedicated login page for your organization, click the Forgot your Login or Password? link beneath the login area of the page.
  2. On the Retrieve Password popup, provide either your Login and/or Email address in the relevant fields. (This should be your specific Login or Email address associated with your iCIMS account.) Once the appropriate information has been entered, click Submit.
  3. The page will refresh with an alert message: Information on resetting your password has been sent to the email address on file. If you do not receive an email within 5 minutes, please try again.
  4. If you have provided the correct Login and/or Email address, an email will be sent to the address on file with your Login name and a link to the page where you can reset your password. Click the password reset link to launch the secure password reset page. (This link will expire after 24 hours or after another password request is made for the same account.)
  5. Provide and confirm your new password.
  6. Once you have successfully reset your password, you may return to the Login page and enter your Login and new Password to access the Platform.