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Resetting a Candidate's Email Status

Release: 16.3

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Whenever an email is bounced (meaning that it does not reach the provided email address), the intended recipient’s email status is updated to “bounced.” Candidates (and other intended recipients) with a bounced email status cannot be included in mass emails or appointment invitations until their email status has been reset. They can, however, be messaged individually.

Please note that only user admins have access to reset email statuses by default.

Resetting a Candidate's Email Status

  1. Click Search on the menu bar, and then select Person from the submenu. Finally, select Candidate from the last submenu.
  2. Within the search form, enter any appropriate criteria. For example, to run a search for all candidates who have bounced emails, click Add Filter and navigate to Filters > Contact Tab > Email Status. Click Email Status and then click Add Selected. Select Bounced from the Email Status dropdown list. Click Search.
  3. Check the check box next to the name of the individual for whom you want to reset the status, then click More and then click Reset Email Status.
  4. A popup will display to confirm the reset. Click Reset Status to reset that individual's status.
Warning: An individual’s email status should only be reset after you have corrected or confirmed their email address. Otherwise, the emails you attempt to send to them will likely bounce again and return their email status to “bounced.”

Working with Email Curriculum

iCIMS has created a series of articles to assist iCIMS users in composing emails and managing email templates successfully.

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