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Recruiting Workflow Searches: Affirmative Action Planning (AAP) Reports

Release: 16.2

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The searches and reports identified in the Common Searches & Reports article are the most commonly requested, and include the following report. To learn how to run searches and reports in the iCIMS Talent Platform, refer to the Creating a Recruiting Workflow Search article. To learn how to save a report for future use, refer to the Saving Search & Output Templates article.

Affirmative Action Planning (AAP) Reports

Scenario: Your organization would like to come up with an Affirmative Action Planning (AAP) Report by reporting on candidates who have applied to positions within the past 12 months.
An image that displays this kind of search.


Menu Path: Go to: Search > Recruiting Workflow
Keywords: N/A
Filters: Use the Add Filter button to add Application Date. The selection is Filters > Reporting & Advanced Options - Advanced > Application Date. Select Past 12 Months from the dropdown list.
  1. Clear all default columns by going to the Output Template dropdown list and selecting – None –.
  2. Use the Add Column button to add the following columns. (Path for each column provided in parentheses/brackets.)
  • Person: Quick Info Icon. (Person File > Person > Person Icons > Quick Info Icon.)
  • Recruiting Workflow Profile (Person Full Name: First, Last Label) [Reporting & Advanced Options – General > Recruiting Workflow Profile (Person Full Name: First, Last Label)]
  • Person : Job Title (Person File > Person > Employee Tab > Job Title)
  • Application Date (Reporting & Advanced Options - General > Application Date)
  • Status (General > Status)
  • Submittal/Rejection Note : Subject [Subject] (General > Submittal/Rejection Note > Contact Notes > Subject [Subject])
  • Person : Age (Person > EEO Tab > Age)
  • Person : Disability (Person > EEO Tab > Disability)
  • Person : Gender (Person > EEO Tab > Gender)
  • Person : Race (Person > EEO Tab > Race)
  • Person : Veteran (Person > EEO Tab > Veteran)
  • Adjust the EEO column selections to include only those relevant to your organization’s AAP reporting needs.
  • You may not be able to access EEO columns, depending on your company’s security settings. Contact your organization's User Admin or iCIMS Technical Support if you have questions.