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Person Searches: Employee Referral Reports

Release: 16.1

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The searches and reports identified in the Common Searches & Reports article are the most commonly requested, and include the following report. To learn how to run searches and reports in the iCIMS Talent Platform, refer to the Creating a Person Search article. To learn how to save a report for future use, refer to the Saving Search & Output Templates article.

Employee Referral Reports

Scenario: Your company promotes the consideration of referred candidates when interviewing for open positions. To consider referrals first among candidates, you will first need to find all of them in the system. You will:
  • Search for those candidates whose source is employee referral.
  • Add a column to identify the referring employee.
  • Group the search results by role (folder).
An image that displays this kind of search.


Menu Path: Go to: Search > Person > Candidate
Filters: Use the Add Filter button to add Source. The selection is Filters > Cand. Details Tab > Source. Select the Employee Referral filter value from the list.
  1. Use the Add Column button to add Source Person: Full Name: First Last. The selection is Columns > Cand. Details Tab > Source Person > Contact Tab > Full Name: First Last.
  2. Use the Group-By button to add Person Folder. The selection is Group-Bys > Contact Tab > Person Folder.

Alternative: To see only current employees in your organization who were originally employee referrals, use the Add Filter button to add Status. (The selection is Filters > General > Status.) After selecting the Status filter, choose Hired: Hired (or your company’s preferred hiring statuses) from the list.