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Person Searches: Applicant Source Reports

Release: 16.4

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The searches and reports identified in the Common Searches & Reports article are the most commonly requested, and include the following report. To learn how to run searches and reports in the iCIMS Talent Platform, refer to the Creating a Person Search article. To learn how to save a report for future use, refer to the Saving Search & Output Templates article.

Applicant Source Reports

Scenario: The head of Talent Acquisition at your company wants to know how many candidates have applied to your jobs and from what source they entered the system. To determine this, you will:
  • Search for candidates who have submitted a resume (created a profile) this year.
  • Group the search results by source.
An image that displays this kind of search.
  1. Open a Candidate Search by selecting Search from the menu bar, then Person, and then Candidate.
  2. Locate the Person Search: Filters section and select the Show more link if necessary to expand the options.
  3. Click the Add Filter button to begin defining field filters. For more in-depth information about filters and subgroups, please refer to the Introduction to Searching & Reporting: Filters & Subgroups article before continuing.
  4. Enter Created Date in the text field. Select the field that you want to search on; in this example, you would select Created Date within Filters > General. Click the Add Selected button to continue.
  5. With Created Date added as a filter, select This Year from the —Blank— dropdown. (Note: The filter should read "Created Date is This Year.")
  6. Locate the Person Search: Output section and select the Show more link if necessary to expand the options.
  7. In the Group Results By section, click the Add Group-By button and enter Source in the text field. Select Source under Group-Bys > Cand. Details Tab, and click the Add Selected button to continue.
  8. Click the blue Search button at the top of the search screen. All profiles created this year will appear on the right, grouped by Source.