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Onboarding a New Hire

Release: 16.4

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When it is time to hire a candidate, you will need to update their recruiting workflow status and move them through the Onboard Wizard, which allows you to quickly complete required actions (like moving the job into a closed folder) and fields (like hire and start dates). Follow the steps below to start the onboarding process, assign additional tasks, and view or update a new hire's status.

Onboarding a New Hire

  1. Select Job in the Quick Search options. Search for a job with at least one candidate who needs to be hired and onboarded.
  2. Access the People Tab on the Job Profile and select the By Status grouping option. Then, expand the Bins and Statuses to locate a candidate to be hired.
An image highlighting the People Tab and By Status grouping.
  • Tip: Candidates may also be hired from a Recruiting Workflow Profile. To do so, navigate to the Recruiting Workflow Profile that connects the candidate with the job that you would like to hire them for, and proceed with the steps below.
  1. Select the candidate and then click the Advance button. Then, select the Hired:Hired status (or the appropriate status used by your organization).
  2. Choose an option in the Notifications section, and then verify that all options in the Actions section (which are checked by default) are accurate. Finally, update any necessary information in the Employee Fields section and click OK.
An image of the New Hire window.
  • Tips: 
    • Select Move job to folder Closed (Filled) if the job should be closed at this time. If there are still more openings to fill, select the other options and leave Move job to folder unselected.
      • Note: Depending on your organization's specific user group permissions, a user will be able to edit the Move job to folder field even if they cannot edit the Job Folder field from the Detail Tab of the Job Profile.
    • The fields in the Employee Fields section will auto-populate based on information in the Job Profile. Make sure to enter or update the new hire's Start Date, which is commonly used for task due dates and some integrations. See the warning following this section for more information.
    • When the Create an Employee (Onboarding) Profile option is checked, the Employee Tab will be added to the new hire's profile automatically, and you will be brought to this tab after completing the Onboarding Wizard.
  1. Configure the rejection notification that will be sent to other applicants (if applicable). (If you did not select one of the "send rejection notices" on the previous screen, you will not have this step.)
  2. Use the —  Type New Hire Category Name to Search —  or click All New Hire Category Profiles to select the appropriate Onboarding Workflow (which is represented by a New Hire Category), then click Submit. Select the appropriate Onboarding Workflow (which is represented by a New Hire Category), then click Submit. (If you have previously associated a New Hire Category with the Job for which the new hire is being onboarded, the Onboarding Workflow will be pre-selected for you.)
  • Tip: An Assign Onboard Portal field will display on the Submit to Workflow step if you have two or more Onboard Portals enabled. It will allow you to select the Onboard Portal that the new hire should report to, and will determine which automated Onboard task notifications are sent to the new hire. (For more information about per-Portal Onboard task notifications, please review the Configuring Onboard Task Notifications article.)
  1. Suggested Onboarding Workflow Tasks will be pre-selected. Click Add task(s) to assign these tasks to the new hire.
  2. Click the Send button to email the Onboard Welcome Letter. This letter will give the new hire access to the Onboarding Portal so they can complete their tasks.
  • The Onboard Welcome Letter template is created during implementation. To learn more about email templates and how to update them, please see the Creating and Editing Email Templates article.
  • To resend the Onboard Welcome Letter to a new hire, navigate to the new hire's Person Profile and click their email address, located on the top of the profile. Then, select the Onboard Welcome Letter template, modify as necessary, and click Send

Assigning Additional Tasks to a New Hire

Additional Onboarding Workflow tasks can be assigned to a new hire from the Onboard Status Tab. A count of these tasks will display in the new hire’s task progress bar. (Note: Only Onboarding Workflow tasks can be assigned from this tab. To assign Person tasks, use the Tasks Tab and refer to Creating Tasks.)

  1. Locate a new hire to whom you would like to assign additional tasks.
  2. Select the Onboard Status Tab on the new hire's profile and click the Add Task(s) button to assign additional tasks to new hire.
  3. Select the library tasks you want to assign to the new hire and click Add Tasks.
  • Tip: Alternatively, to assign tasks that are not in the Task Library, select the create a non-library task link. Then, complete all of the required information and then click Save. (Note: The ability to create Non-Library Tasks is granted on a per-user group basis, and it is suggested that most tasks be added to the Task Library and re-used rather than created ad hoc. Non-Library Tasks will create complications when reporting on tasks with the Task Search.)
  1. View, edit, or delete the newly created task(s), as well as existing assigned tasks, on the new hire’s Onboard Status Tab.
  • Task notifications will be sent by the user who assigned each task, using the appropriate task notification template (configured by user admins in System Configuration).
  • To re-open or reassign a task to a new hire, navigate back to their Onboard Status tab, select the Edit icon beside the desired task, and then update the task's status to Open. Click Save to finalize this change.

Viewing and Updating a New Hire's Onboarding Workflow Status

New hires' Onboarding Workflow statuses will be automatically updated as they complete required tasks and finish the new hire process on the Onboard Portal. However, these statuses may also be manually modified if necessary.
  1. Locate a new hire whose status you would like to view or update.
  2. On their Workflows Tab, expand the Onboard section to view their current status. Click the Take Action icon to update their status.
An image highlighting the Workflows tab on a Person Profile and the Take Action icon.
  1. Select a new status. Then, click Save.

iCIMS Onboard Curriculum

The curriculum for iCIMS Onboard includes the following articles and videos. The following icons denote each type of resource:
  • User-added image: Article
  • User-added image: Learning Clip
  • User-added image: Chaptered Video
  • User-added image: Training Webinar
These resources provide the information needed to create New Hire Categories and onboard new hires.