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Onboard Searches: Active New Hire Categories

Release: 16.1

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The searches and reports identified in the Common Searches & Reports article are the most commonly requested, and include the following report. To learn how to run searches and reports in the iCIMS Talent Platform, refer to the Creating a Job Search article. To learn how to save a report for future use, refer to the Saving Search & Output Templates article.

Active New Hire Categories

You want to review all of your company’s active New Hire Categories and view their company owners. You will:
  • Access the Active New Hire Categories template.
  • Sort results by Title.
An image that displays this kind of search.


Menu Path: Go to: Search > New Hire Category
Keywords: N/A
Filters: Select Active New Hire Categories from the Search Template dropdown.
Output: Use the Add Sort-By button to add Title. The selection in Sort-Bys > Detail Tab > Title. (This may be part of the default output.)

Tip: To view the candidate-facing titles for each New Hire Category, add External Title as a Column. (Note: Not all New Hire Categories will have external titles.)