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Managing User Group Permissions for iCIMS Connect Email Campaigns

Release: 16.4

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This article provides a brief overview of the user group permissions available when managing Email Campaign Access for users.

Warning: Only user admins will have the ability to perform these actions. For more information on working in System Configuration, please see the Introduction to System Configuration article.

Managing User Group Permissions for Connect Email Campaigns

The user permissions for Email Campaigns can be accessed by user admins from System Configuration through the following path: Admin > System Configuration > Connect > Email Campaigns. By default, all keys described below will be enabled for both user admins and recruiters.
  • Email Campaigns: Allow user groups access to the Create/Manage Email Campaigns feature page.
    • Note: Users who cannot create/manage email campaigns are also unable to access Search > Email Campaign. 
  • Manage Campaigns: Allow user groups to create, edit, and archive email campaigns.
  • Archive Campaigns: Allow user groups to archive email campaigns for historical reporting purposes.
  • Manage Recipient Lists: Allow user groups to create, edit, and delete recipient lists.
  • Manage Others’ Campaigns and Lists: Allow user groups to create, edit, and archive/delete others’ campaigns and recipient lists.

Additional Resources for iCIMS Connect Users

iCIMS has created a series of articles to assist iCIMS Connect users in creating talent pools and events, managing passive candidates, configuring portals in Kiosk mode, and creating email campaigns.

The curriculum for iCIMS Connect includes the following articles:

iCIMS also offers the following training webinar on this topic: iCIMS also offers a resource for candidates who may want to connect with your company: Candidate Guide to iCIMS Connect