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Managing Candidates in a Connect Talent Pool

Release: 16.4

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iCIMS Connect provides customers with an easy way to attract and engage candidates who may not yet be ready to apply for a job but are interested in the company’s employment brand. iCIMS Connect is designed to support clients in building a pipeline of passive talent that can be nurtured over time until specific requisitions become available that match a candidate’s skills.The sourcing specialist experience is optimized within the iCIMS Talent Platform so users can manage candidates in specific Talent Pools and submit specific candidates to job workflows as requisitions open. 

Understanding Automated Emails to Candidates

A number of automated emails are available in iCIMS Connect to keep candidates engaged with your organization and aware of new openings that might match their career ambitions. These emails include the following notifications:
  • Connect Registration Thank You Notification
    Candidates can receive an automated thank you email after they initially connect via a Connect Portal.
  • Incomplete Connect Application Email (Missing Resume)
    Candidates who do not provide a resume when they connect via a Connect Portal will receive an email suggesting that they submit a resume.
  • Job Recommendations Email
    Candidates who opt in to Job Recommendations receive regular email digests of newly-posted jobs that match their talent pools of interest.
    These emails are sent on an ongoing basis and are fully automated.
For additional information about these emails, refer to the Connect Portal-Related Emails subsection of the 16.3 Release Notes.

Identifying a Candidate and Accessing their Person Profile from the Talent Pool Profile People Tab

Example: In the following example, a recruiter will identify desirable candidates in a Talent Pool based on specific attributes and status within the Talent Pool. 
  1. On the Talent Pool Profile, navigate to the People Tab. Select the Modify Filters button (which may display as Filters in smaller windows) and enter any desired filters. Then, click Apply Filter(s).
An image that displays the Modify Filters popup on the Talent Pool Profile People Tab.
  • To edit the full search form from this popup, click the Advanced search link at the top right of the screen.
  • To clear one search filter, click Clear to the right of the relevant filter. To clear all filters, click Clear All at the bottom of the Modify Filters popup.
  • The number of active filters will display as Modify Filters (X) on the People Tab, to indicate the number of active filters that have been applied.
  1. Select the By Status grouping option to further group candidates who meet the previously input criteria by status within the talent pool. The status names may differ depending on your organization's preferences.
 An image that displays the detailed view for By Status on the Talent Pool Profile People Tab.
  1. Expand the panels at will to view candidates in any preferred status. Once a desired candidate has been identified, click on the candidate's name to access his or her Person Profile.
  • Available grouping options also include By Source and By Date Added. Some clients may also have an additional option, By Workflow, if the default search template was previously customized so the output groupings differed from the default output groupings. Furthermore, if a client does not have a By Workflow grouping option, but later changes the default search output groupings to differ from the existing defaults, the By Workflow grouping will display upon saving and overwriting the existing template.
  • For the By Status, By Source, and By Application Date groupings, users can choose to view a Detailed or Chart view of the results. To change the view for a particular grouping, click the dropdown menu beside that option; then, select the desired view. Users can then click into charts as desired to view detailed search results.
  • Note that the user's visualization selection (i.e., Chart View or Detailed View) for each grouping will be remembered by the Platform on a per-user basis.

Reviewing a Candidate within a Talent Pool

  1. From the Talent Pool Profile, navigate to the People Tab and identify the candidate who you would like to review.
  2. Check the checkbox beside the candidate's name and click the Review button.
An image that highlights using the Review button on a Talent Pool's People Tab
  1. Select the appropriate status for the candidate in relation to their fit for the Talent Pool from the popup menu. The candidate's name will then move to that status bin on the People Tab.
  • The statuses available in the popup menu launched by the Review button are equivalent to the thumbs up, neutral, and thumbs down buttons available in Recruiter Review Mode. For more information about Recruiter Review, see the Reviewing Event Attendees in Recruiter Review Mode section of Creating and Managing Events in iCIMS Connect.
  • A candidate's status in a Talent Pool can also be updated from the Workflows Tab of the Person Profile. Click the Take Action icon beside the applicable Talent Pool. In the Edit Workflows popup, select the desired status from the Status dropdown and click Save.

Submitting a Candidate for an Open Position from the Talent Pool Profile

  1. On the Talent Pool Profile People Tab, identify the candidate you would like to submit to a job.
  2. Check the checkbox beside the associated candidate and select More Actions, then Submit to Workflow. Alternatively, select the associated candidate and drag onto More Actions and drop onto Submit to Workflow.
  3. The Submit to Workflow popup will launch. Select an option from the Filter By dropdown menu, such as All Open Jobs.
  4. Double-click a position within the Available list or click once and then click the green plus icon to move the position to the Selected list. Then, click the Submit button to submit the candidate to the position.
Note: To submit a candidate to a job from their Person Profile, select the Submit to Job button in the left pane (below the factoids). Then follow steps 3-4 as listed above.

Reviewing Candidate Activity Level within a Talent Pool

By default, a Talent Pool Profile will display each candidate's Activity Level—a measure of how actively engaged they are with the organization. Recruiters can view and compare Activity Levels from a column labeled Person: Activity Level on the People Tab.

  1. Locate the horizontal bar graphs that appear in this column. Each candidate has a bar graph that represents their Activity Level score.
The horizontal bar graph representing a candidate's Activity Level score.
  1. Click an individual's bar graph for more on their Activity Level.
  2. View the circular icon depicting their Activity Level score, and click any of the four headings (Email, Logins, Job, and Resume) to see a stream of their recent activities.
The Activity Level icon and Activity Level Stream

To learn more about this feature, please refer to 16.4 Release Notes: iCIMS Connect - Candidate Activity Level.

Additional Resources for iCIMS Connect Users

iCIMS has created a series of articles to assist iCIMS Connect users in creating talent pools and events, managing passive candidates, configuring portals in Kiosk mode, and creating email campaigns.

The curriculum for iCIMS Connect includes the following articles:

iCIMS also offers the following training webinars on this topic: iCIMS also offers a resource for candidates who may want to connect with your company: Candidate Guide to iCIMS Connect