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Job Board Aggregators

Release: 16.4

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Automatically share your jobs with popular job board aggregators
using this free feature from iCIMS.


iCIMS Recruit allows users to circulate open jobs to their Career Portals as well as to highly-trafficked job sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, and LinkedIn at no additional cost.

Further, employers can connect their iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite with additional job distribution tools to promote jobs on thousands of niche sites and international boards.

What is a job aggregator?

Job aggregators such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and DirectEmployers work similarly to a search engine but are narrowly focused on aggregating jobs. To make sure that your jobs are consistently advertised on the major aggregators, iCIMS feeds all of our customers’ jobs to aggregators like Indeed, DirectEmployers, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Monster,, TheLadders, VHM Network, Adzuna, Job Case, Jooble, Restoration Media, Inc., and IT Jobs Cafe free of charge.

What are the benefits of job aggregators?

iCIMS provides this service because job aggregators provide many benefits to employers. The most significant benefit associated with submitting jobs to major aggregators is that aggregators distribute job postings to a very large audience of job seekers at no additional cost to the employer. Additionally, some aggregators, like Indeed, are search engine optimized. This means that your jobs are more likely to appear in search engine results, increasing the likelihood that job seekers find your jobs. Ultimately, this drives increased traffic to your Career Portal.

FAQs about Job Board Aggregators and iCIMS

Q: Is this service free?
A: Yes, iCIMS will automatically feed jobs posted to public Career Portals to job board aggregators at no additional cost. This feature is built into iCIMS Recruit.

Q: What job board aggregators does iCIMS feed jobs to?
A: The feed is available for Indeed, Direct Employers, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Monster,, TheLadders, VHM Network, Adzuna, Job Case, Jooble, Restoration Media, Inc., Terradin, and IT Jobs Cafe.

Q: How does it work?
A: Every six hours, iCIMS provides a number of popular job aggregators with an XML file. Note that it is up to the job board aggregator to pick up this file and publish jobs.
This file includes job information for all jobs posted to Career Portals that fit the below criteria:
  • The Allow Indexing (Tools to Attract Candidates > Career Portals > Configure > Portal Settings > Portal Settings > Allow Indexing (Google, etc.)) setting must be enabled for this Portal.
    • Tip: The most common reason a job may fail to post to job board aggregators is that the Allow Indexing (Google, etc.) setting is disabled.
  • The Portal must be a Career Portal, not a hub or Onboarding Portal. Jobs must be able to be posted to this Portal.
  • The Portal must not have IP restrictions that interfere with this feed.
  • The Portal must not require login to view job details or to run job searches.
Q: What information is sent in this feed?
A: The information that is included in the feed is provided on a per-job basis. Standard fields are supported as described below; custom fields can be sent over as part of the feed if they are in the Job Description section of the Portal.
If you need to review or make a change to posted fields, please reach out to iCIMS Technical Support.

The following items are always provided:
  • Customer ID (The iCIMS customer ID number)
  • Job Title (The standard JobTitle field will be used unless a different text field has been configured for your organization by iCIMS to replace this field)
  • Posted Date
  • Job System ID
  • URL
  • Country (If not provided, defaults to US)
  • Company (The company name associated with this Platform)
The following items are provided if these fields are posted to the associated Portal.
(The associated Portal is the Career Portal with the most web traffic over the past week that meets all required criteria for job board aggregator job feeds.)
  • Job Company (Company name field pulled from the job's primary location)
  • City (If any of the location fields from the primary job location are posted to the Career Portal (city, state, county, etc.) then City, State, and Zip Code will be automatically included)
  • State
  • Zip
  • Minimum Salary
  • Maximum Salary
  • Education Requirement (Value pulled from the jcf3044 field)
  • Position Type
  • Job Category
  • Work Experience (Years of experience required)
  • Description (This is a combination of the standard Overview, Responsibilities, and Qualifications fields. These fields are also included separately if they are posted to the Portal)
  • Other Fields (Fields other than those listed above that are posted on the Portal. A field label is assigned as it appears on the Portal)
Q: What are best practices for formatting information on the Portal so that it is picked up accurately?
A: Follow the tips below for the most positive results:
  • Location values will pull as blank unless default location fields are used.
  • Custom fields can be sent over as part of the feed only if they are in the Job Description section of the Portal. If a custom field is in the header or job listings section, this field will not be included in the feed.
Q: What is the difference between using the job board aggregator tool to passively share jobs and posting jobs proactively using a job board posting tool?
A: The automated sharing of jobs to job board aggregators is a valuable tool built into the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite. For those with specific job board posting needs, there are additional benefits that clients may realize by connecting their Suite to a job board posting tool. These benefits include:
  • The ability to be more selective and flexible regarding jobs to post
  • Access to paid services/paid listings that provide additional value
Q: I expected my jobs to post, but I can't find them on the aggregators. What should I do?
A: After verifying that the jobs have been successfully posted to a public Portal that allows indexing and that an appropriate amount of time has passed, please reach out to iCIMS Technical Support to verify that your settings are configured correctly.

Important Note: iCIMS provides the feed every six hours, but it is up to the individual job board aggregators to pick up the feed and post jobs. iCIMS cannot guarantee that job boards will use the feed to post all of a client's jobs, or any of their jobs at all. Please contact the job board aggregator if all configurations are correct and you notice that your jobs are not being picked up.

If you have any additional questions about the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite in general or this feature specifically, please reach out to your Account Manager.

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