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Introduction to the iCIMS Talent Platform: Hiring Manager

Release: 16.4

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This article will serve as a hub for key hiring manager information, providing information and links to articles that describe key hiring manager options within the system.
Hiring managers using the iCIMS Talent Platform can review all Appointments, Jobs, and Tasks to which they are given access from their Dashboard. The Dashboard is the home page or welcome screen that users see after logging into the Platform. The Dashboard can be configured globally and by each individual user for a personalized view.

Note: Hiring managers may only access specific navigation options that are set during the company’s implementation of the Platform. The available options are included in the menu bar located at the top of the screen. Options available may be set based on the company's preferences, as these options are configurable.

Logging in and out of the iCIMS Talent Platform

Hiring managers may log in to the iCIMS Talent Platform to manage candidates and jobs within the system. Many hiring manager processes may be managed outside of the system as well (e.g., email approvals, accepting appointment invitations, etc.).
To log in to or out of the iCIMS Talent Platform, refer to the steps in the Logging in and out of the iCIMS Talent Platform article.

Dashboard Panels for Hiring Managers

An image that displays the hiring manager Dashboard, highlighting Quick Links, welcome messages, and panels.
  1. Quick Links: Provides quick access to reports and saved searches that have been shared with the user.
  2. Welcome to the Talent Platform: Displays quick instructions for how to manage requisitions (jobs), how to view candidates who have applied, and how to update a candidate’s status.
  3. Job Panels: These panels typically include lists of jobs based on specific criteria, described below.
    • My Closed JobsSaved search that displays closed jobs where the user is listed as either the hiring manager and/or the recruiter.
    • Jobs Pending My Approval: Saved search that displays jobs that are pending approval where the user is listed as the current approver.
    • My Team's Open Jobs: Saved search that displays open jobs where the user is listed as the top level hiring manager.
    • My Pending Jobs: Saved search that displays jobs that are pending approval where the user is listed as the hiring manager.
    • My Open Jobs: Saved search that displays open jobs where the user is listed as the hiring manager.
  • Quick Links Tips:
    • The Quick Links Panel can be pinned for easy access. If the Quick Links Panel is not pinned on your Dashboard, you may access it by hovering over the left edge of the screen until the Quick Links Panel displays. A brief delay will occur before the panel displays.
    • Click the Pin to Sidebar (pushpin) icon to the right side of the Quick Links panel to pin your Quick Links panel to your Dashboard. You can later decide to unpin it by clicking the Unpin from Sidebar icon, which replaces the Pin to Sidebar icon when pinned.
An image that displays the Pin to Sidebar icon on the Quick Links Panel.
The horizontal pushpin icon indicates that the Quick Links Panel has been pinned. Click this icon to unpin the panel.
  • Panel Tips:
    • To move panels to different spots on the Dashboard, click the grip icon and then drag the panel to a new place on the Dashboard.
An image that highlights the Grip icon on the left side of a panel.
  • To refresh a panel, click the View Options (down arrow) icon, and then click Refresh.
  • To collapse a panel, click the Collapse (minus) icon.

Appointments for Hiring Managers

By selecting Communicate on the menu bar, if available, then selecting View Calendar, hiring managers may launch the Calendar to view and manage appointments.
For additional information regarding appointment-setting, please refer to the Creating and Editing Appointments or Interviews article.

Creating Jobs for Hiring Managers

By clicking Create on the menu bar, hiring managers may initiate the job creation process, if available, by following the process available within the Creating a New Job or Requisition article.

Acting as an Approver on a Job for Hiring Managers

When a user is added as a job approver, he or she will receive a Job Approval Request email with a link to the Job Approval screen. For additional information about acting as an approver on a job, view the appropriate section of the Understanding and Initiating the Job Approval Process article.

Managing Candidates within a Job for Hiring Managers

Hiring managers may have access to view and manage candidate workflow status for certain stages within the hiring process following the process below.
  1. Select an open job on the Jobs panel of the Dashboard.
An image that highlights a job within the Job Panel on a Hiring Manager Dashboard.
  1. On the Job Profile People Tab, expand each section by clicking the gray right-facing triangle to view the candidates in different Recruiting Workflow statuses for the job. Then, check the checkbox beside the candidate(s) whose statuses should be changed and select either Advance or Reject at the bottom of the tab.
An image that highlights the selection of a candidate via the checkbox and the Take Action icon on the Job Profile People tab.
  1. Select the desired recruiting workflow status within the Status dropdown list.
An image that displays the available options to advance a candidate on the People Tab of a Job Profile.
  • The system may highlight frequently-used statuses within the Advance and Reject status lists. These statuses, if available, are indicated by a small star icon.
  • Any alternate actions that a hiring manager may take from this screen will display as part of the More Actions button list.
  • An auto-launch action may display after moving a candidate into a designated status (for example, the Schedule Interview popup may display after you move a candidate into the Schedule Interview status). Follow any available prompts and instructions to complete these actions.

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