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Introduction to the Tasks Tab on a Profile

Release: 16.2

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Users with appropriate permissions can assign tasks to candidates and other stakeholders in the iCIMS Talent Platform via the Tasks Tab on a profile. On the Person Profile, the Tasks Tab displays all tasks that have been Assigned to or Associated with a specific person; accessing this tab will provide Platform users with task progress information, as well as other abilities, depending on their access levels and permissions.

The Tasks Tab on the Person Profile breaks tasks down into four possible groups: Assigned, Associated, Completed (Assigned), and Completed (Associated). The Assigned group will always be visible, even if it is empty. All other groups will only be visible if they contain at least one task. Tasks in these groups can overlap. Any workflow task that shares an association with two profiles, for example, will show in the Associated grouping section for both profiles’ Tasks Tabs. 
On all other profiles (e.g., job, company, talent pools, etc.), the Tasks Tab will appear and function similarly, but can only display tasks in the Associated and Completed groups. (This is because these profiles cannot be assigned a task.) The Associated group is always visible, and the Completed group will only be visible if it contains at least one task. (Note: Only tasks that are associated with a profile will display on the Task Tab. Tasks associated with a workflow will not display on these profiles.)

Note: This guide does not discuss Onboarding Workflow tasks. For information on Onboarding Workflow tasks, which can be assigned to new hires via the Onboard Wizard or the Onboard Status Tab, please see Creating Onboarding Workflow Tasks and Onboarding Workflow Task Dependencies.

Managing Tasks on the Tasks Tab

Note: Not all users will have access to all of the options described below. Please speak with your user admin or iCIMS Technical Support for assistance.
  1. Access a Person Profile to which tasks have been assigned.
  2. Complete the desired actions using the Tasks Tab options described below.

A labeled screenshot of the Tasks tab on a Person Profile.

  1. Add Task(s): Select Add Task(s) to launch the Add Person Tasks window and add either Library or non-library tasks to the current profile.
  2. View Search Results: Select the gray arrow to view Task Search Results for that particular task grouping. If there are no tasks in a particular group, the group will not be displayed.
  3. Review Tasks: Each section will display previews of tasks. By default, each preview will include task name, task association, task type, and the task due date. The color icon (gray, orange, yellow, green) indicates whether the task is open (gray), pending (orange), in-progress (yellow), or completed (green).
  4. Edit: Select the pencil Edit icon to edit a task.
  5. Delete: Select the red Delete icon to delete a task.

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