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Introduction to the Person Profile: Workflows Tab

Release: 16.3

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Access the Person Profile Workflows Tab to view talent pools, jobs, and/or new hire categories associated with the person, along with the individual’s status in each. Visibility into specific kinds of workflows is dependent upon active solutions (e.g., Connect, Recruit, and Onboard) as well as any user access permissions/limitations.
An image that displays the Workflows Tab on the Person Profile
From this screen,users may easily view at-a-glance information about a candidate’s status in different workflows or take certain actions. Click the gray down arrow below a panel (as appears beneath Onboard, above) to expand a view on the Workflow Tab, or the gray up arrow (as appears beneath Recruit, above) to collapse it. Click the gray right arrow within a panel to view results in the Search Results form.

The following popular actions are available by default on the Workflows Tab:
  • The Link icon beside a job name allows users to easily access a candidate’s Recruiting Workflow Profile for a specific job (Recruit only).
  • The linked job name, by default, allows users to easily access the relevant Job Profile. (For Connect workflows, the talent pool name displays. For Onboard workflows, the new hire category name displays.)
  • The Take Action icon (director’s clapperboard) allows users to edit the candidate’s status or folder, as applicable.
  • The Recruiting Workflow History icon (folder with clock) allows users to view a candidate’s progress in the workflow for a specific job. (For Connect and Onboard workflows, a View Audit Trail icon displays instead.) 
iCIMS has created a series of articles to assist iCIMS users in mastering working with candidates within the system.

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