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Introduction to the Notes Tab on a Profile

Release: 16.4

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The iCIMS Talent Platform enables users to store notes within profiles using the Notes tool. Users are able to create, edit, and delete notes on each profile. Users can also search within notes on a particular profile. All recruiters and user admins have access to the full functionality of the Notes tool. Hiring managers only have access to view and edit notes created by themselves.

This article will focus on the Notes Tab within a Person or Recruiting Workflow Profile, where it is most commonly used. However, other profiles, such as Job and Location (or Company) Profiles, also support the capture and display of relevant free-text notes within the Notes Panel.

Navigating the Notes Tab on the Person or Recruiting Workflow Profile

The Notes Tab within each Person (and Recruiting Workflow) Profile displays up to three kinds of information in distinct panels:
  • Notes: This panel displays free-text notes recorded by Platform users.
  • Appointments: This panel displays all appointments the candidate has been sent from the system.
  • Other: This panel displays other miscellaneous historic communications for data retention purposes, if applicable.
If a panel is collapsed, as shown in the screenshot below, it can be expanded by clicking the downward-facing arrow below the panel. Once the panel is expanded, previews of the notes, appointments, etc. display.
The Notes Tab on a Person Profile

The number of notes, appointments, etc. available displays on the far right of each panel. A small gray arrow displays beside this number (if it is above zero); clicking this arrow (or directly on the panel itself) brings the user to a detailed search results view of the notes, appointments, etc.

In both the Notes and Appointments Panels, each preview contains the name of the person who wrote the note/created the appointment, the note/appointment's subject, and the beginning of the note/appointment's body. (Notes and appointments/interviews created from the Recruiting Workflow Profile also display the Job ID and Job Title of the job with which they are associated underneath the note/appointment creator's name.) 
The Notes Tab.

Tip: On a Recruiting Workflow Profile, the Notes Tab offers two viewing options: Users may show notes within a specific panel for only the relevant job (Show This Job Only) or all jobs for that candidate (Show All).
The two viewing options available on the Notes Tab.
Tip: After clicking one of the three panels (Notes, Appointments, Other), you can go back and explore another panel by clicking the Notes Tab again. This will bring you to the main panel listing.

iCIMS has created a series of articles to assist iCIMS users in mastering the iCIMS notes tool.