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Introduction to iCIMS Onboard

Release: 16.4

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iCIMS Onboard provides clients with an easy way to onboard their new talent using New Hire Categories. These Onboard-specific profiles have onboarding tasks already associated to them, which makes the steps to actually onboard a new hire quick and easy. These tasks can be completed by the new hire prior to their first day of work. 
iCIMS Onboard also allows new hires to access a dedicated New Hire Onboarding Portal that will allow them to complete all of their new hire paperwork and tasks, as well as experience an introduction to the company culture through videos, company manuals, and any other new hire documents a client might have.

Onboard FAQs

Inside the Platform

Q: What tasks automatically populate in the Onboarding Wizard?
A: These tasks are configured on the Suggested Tasks Tab of the New Hire Category. For more information on adding tasks to the New Hire Category, see Creating a New Hire Category Profile.

Q: Is it possible to add additional Onboarding Workflow statuses? If yes, then how?
A: It is possible for a user admin to add additional Onboarding Workflow statuses.  To do so, please follow the steps below:
  1. On the menu bar, click Admin, then click System Configuration.
  2. Search System Configuration for rcf3200 or click Onboard under Products, then click Onboarding Workflow. From there, click on the Fields (Workflow) tab and locate the Status field (rcf3200).
  3. Click the down arrow at the far right of the Status field and then select Edit Field Properties.
  4. The Edit Field Properties screen will then open up.  Click on the Edit link.
  5. The Status popup window will display. To add a status, click on Status at the top of the list and then click the green plus sign above Status. Then enter all relevant information to the right and then click Save.
Q: Is it possible to disassociate a person from an Onboarding Workflow? If yes, then how?
A: It is possible for a user admin to disassociate a person from an Onboarding Workflow. (Note that this is an optional setting that you may need to request from iCIMS Technical Support.) See Disassociating People from Workflows.

Q: I'm attempting to rehire someone who worked for my company before, but I'm getting an error indicating that they are “Already associated to this workflow.” What am I doing wrong?
A: A person can only be associated with and hired using the same New Hire Category once. The rehired employee will need to be associated with a different New Hire Category the second time they are hired.

On the New Hire Onboarding Portal

Q: Can I configure the Welcome Message displayed on the Onboarding Portal?
A: User admins can modify the Portal Welcome Message in System Configuration. If you are a user admin, follow the steps below to update this message.
  1. Select Admin from the menu bar, and then select System Configuration.
  2. Select Onboard from menu on the left, and then select Portal from the list of options on the right.
  3. Scroll down to the Welcome Page section and update the message as necessary.
  4. Click Save to finalize your changes.
Q: What sets the order of the tasks as viewed by the new hire on the left of the Onboarding Portal?
A: The tasks are sorted by the following priorities (priority descending in the following list):
  • The number of other tasks that have the task listed as a prerequisite, in descending order.
    • (i.e., If Task A is a prerequisite for 1 other task, and Task B is a prerequisite for 2 other tasks, Task B will appear before Task A.)
  • Task status (In Progress > Open > Pending)
  • Due date (the sooner the date, the higher that task will be)
  • Task Name (A > Z)
Q: What might cause tasks to not show up on a New Hire Onboarding Portal?
A: There are a few factors that can prevent tasks from appearing on the New Hire Onboarding Portal even if they were assigned.
  • If the new hire category is Closed, no tasks will show up. This disables the category.
  • If the person is put into the Closed status of the New Hire Category workflow. Putting someone here removes all tasks associated to that category from that person, whether they have been completed or not.

In summary, the New Hire Category must be Active and the person must not be in a Closed workflow status in order for relevant tasks to appear to the new hire.

Q: How can I change the information that shows up on each New Hire Category welcome page?
A: In order to change the information that appears to the new hire on the New Hire Category welcome page, update the New Hire Category description. This information may be reached by conducting a New Hire Category search (Search > New Hire Category) and entering any relevant criteria, clicking the desired New Hire Category name, then clicking the Description tab. Click the Edit icon, then make desired updates and click Save.

iCIMS Onboard Curriculum

The curriculum for iCIMS Onboard includes the following articles and videos. The following icons denote each type of resource:
  • User-added image: Article
  • User-added image: Learning Clip
  • User-added image: Chaptered Video
  • User-added image: Training Webinar
These resources provide the information needed to create New Hire Categories and onboard new hires.

Furthermore, the following articles are not specific to iCIMS Onboard, but may also be of interest to onboarding specialists: