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Introduction to Social Apply & Social Resume

Release: 16.3

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Candidates may apply to jobs by creating a new profile or by linking their profile to existing social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+ through a feature called Social Apply. When a candidate applies using a social media account, the Candidate Profile within the iCIMS Talent Platform is automatically populated with relevant information from the applicant’s social media profile.

Inside the Platform, the Social Resume feature allows users to view information from a candidate’s social media profile within the Platform. Although the information provided directly by Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ cannot be searched on, the most updated version of the profiles available will be accessible for viewing within the Platform.

Additional Resources:

Viewing Social Resume Information on a Profile

To access the candidate’s Social Resume, begin at the Candidate’s Profile, and select the Resume Tab. The candidate’s traditional resume will display by default; to view an applicable social media resume, select the associated view tab (Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+).
  • Traditional: The Traditional resume information will display by default. The Traditional resume is the original information uploaded or entered by the candidate. Content in a Traditional resume is keyword searchable in the Platform.
  • Social Resume: The LinkedIn, Facebook (pictured below), and Google+ resumes display the candidate’s live social media profile within the Platform. Any changes the candidate makes to a social media profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+ will be available to Platform users while the profiles are connected. Note that information found on a Social Resume is not searchable.
An image that displays a candidate's sample Facebook Social Resume on the Resume tab of the Candidate Profile.

Tip: When viewing the Social Resume, you will be able to view the candidate’s picture by default within the social profile. To change this setting, please contact iCIMS Technical Support. Social Resume setting options include On with Picture, On without Picture, and Off.

Additional LinkedIn Features & Access for Licensed LinkedIn Recruiters

Users with LinkedIn Recruiter licenses can view a candidate’s Social Resume for a LinkedIn Profile when the candidate has not supplied the Social Resume using an integrated LinkedIn plugin. (This is commonly called Cross System Awareness.)

For more information, see Using LinkedIn Recruiter with the iCIMS Talent Platform.