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Introduction to Screening Questions

Release: 16.1

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Screening Questions (sometimes termed Pre-Screening Questions or Prescreening Questions within an organization) can be created and used on a Job and a Person basis.
  • Job-Related Screening Questions apply to the specific position that the candidate is applying for. These Screening Questions should be created in the Screening Questions Library, which allows users to create a repository of questions that can be used for any new jobs that are created. (Warning: Users can also create ad hoc job-specific Screening Questions directly from a Job Profile; these will not be entered into the Screening Question Library.) 
  • Person Screening Questions are not about the job that the candidate is applying for; rather, they are general questions about the candidate (e.g., “Are you over 18?”). Depending on your settings, Person Screening Questions can be asked each time a candidate updates their profile or just upon initial application. (For example, if a candidate was under 18 when she first applied for a job and has since celebrated a birthday, she would be able to update her response to Over 18. Please contact iCIMS Technical Support for more information.)
    • When applicable, candidates will answer Person Screening Questions early in the application process, when first building a profile.
Both types of Screening Questions can be easily searched and managed using the iCIMS Talent Platform’s powerful searching and reporting tools, allowing users to quickly find the right candidates. In addition, Screening Question Response Ranking allows users to add a quantitative value to the responses received from candidates, ranking candidates and making their responses easier to navigate through.

Viewing Screening Questions on a Job Profile

Access completed Screening Questions on a Job Profile by clicking the Screening Questions icon on the People Tab. Clicking this icon will launch the Screening Question Responses popup window for a specific candidate’s responses.

An image of the Screening Questions icon highlighted on the People Tab.

Viewing Screening Questions on a Candidate’s Profile

Example: The following steps will demonstrate viewing Screening Questions via the Screen Tab on the Candidate Profile. Screening Questions may also be accessed from the Screen Tab of a candidate’s Recruiting Workflow Profile via similar steps.
  1. Access a Candidate Profile through a quick search or full search and select the Screen Tab. Click a Screening Questions panel to expand.
  2. View questions, responses, and weighting (if applicable) within the Screening Question Responses area. Job screening question information displays on a per-job basis by most recent application.

  • Clicking the link icon beside the job title listed on the Person Profile Screen Tab launches the Recruiting Workflow Profile associated with that specific job.
  • The Recruiting Workflow Profile will display only the Job Screening Questions related to the specific job within the Job Screening Questions panel on the Screen Tab.

For additional information about Screening Questions, view the following articles:

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