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Including Relational Recipients in Emails

Release: 16.3

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Relational recipients can be added to the recipient list of an email whenever a user is utilizing the Share Profile feature of the Platform. Adding a relational person allows the user to add a person based on their relationship with the candidate or job whose profile is being shared via email. This allows users to forward several candidates to a variety of hiring managers, for example, while ensuring that each hiring manager receives message content that contains only the details pertaining to their specific candidates. 
Note: Relational recipients can be enabled or disabled by request. Please contact iCIMS Technical Support for assistance.

Including Relational Recipients on Emails

  • The steps below describe adding a Hiring Manager when using the Share Profile feature to share candidates’ profiles from the People Tab of an associated Job Profile.
  • The steps are similar for adding other relational recipients, and for sharing from a Person or Recruiting Workflow Search, or from individual Person or Recruiting Workflow Profiles. (Users who lack the permission to perform searches should use the Share button on individual profiles.)
  1. Select Job from the list of Quick Search options. Search for a job with at least one candidate whom you would like to email.
  2. Access the People Tab on the Job Profile and select the By Status grouping option.
  3. Expand the bins and statuses to locate and select a candidate. (Alternatively, select one or more bins or statuses to select multiple candidates at once.)
  4. Expand the More Actions menu, available at the bottom right of the People Tab. Then, select Share. The Compose Email window will display.
  5. Click the Add Recipients Related to Associated Workflow(s) icon, available to the right of the To field. The Add Relational Person popup will display.
An image highlighting the Add Relational Person icon.
  1. On the Add Relational Person popup, select – Make a Selection – and then select Job File from the dropdown list. Then, double-click Job ». Finally, double-click Hiring Manager. The popup will close.
  2. The newly-added relational recipient will be displayed under the To field within the Compose Email tool. Check that you have selected the correct relational recipient by hovering your cursor over the recipient name in order to see the entire relational path. Repeat steps 5-6 of this section of the guide for other relational recipients as needed and continue composing your email as described in the Composing Emails article. Click Send to send the email.

  • Selecting a relational recipient on the Add Relational Person popup is very similar to selecting a filter or column for a search. The Add Relational Person popup contains many columns or categories of relational recipients. These columns and categories are typically tied to the Job or Person Profile, or to an associated Recruiting Workflow; expanding them displays potential relational recipients that are available to select.
  • Locations cannot be selected as relational recipients.

Working with Email Curriculum

iCIMS has created a series of articles to assist iCIMS users in composing emails and managing email templates successfully.

The iCIMS introductory curriculum for working with email includes the following articles:
iCIMS also offers a training webinar on this topic: iCIMS 105: Working with Email.