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Hot Matching Job Candidates

Release: 16.3

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The Hot Match feature is an automated way to find relevant candidates for a specific job position. This feature allows recruiters to quickly associate relevant candidates to positions and focus more time on interviewing candidates.

  • This feature requires that skills be set up for a Job Profile; these skills are parsed out of candidates' resumes to determine those who fit best. For more on adding skills, please refer to the Creating a New Job or Requisition article.
  • The Skills Library list in the Platform should be updated to reflect any relevant skills you would like parsed out of candidates' resumes. To learn how to update this list, see Introduction to the Job Profile: Job Detail Tab and Job Creation Process, specifically the "Job Detail Tab – Skills" section.
  • Hot matching is off by default. Please speak with iCIMS Technical Support to enable this feature.

Hot Matching Job Candidates

  1. Using the Job option on the Quick Search toolbar, enter the job number or job title. The Quick Search will auto-suggest results once you have typed at least two characters. Select the desired job.
  2. Navigate to the People Tab and expand the More Actions menu, located on the bottom right of the tab.
  3. Select Hot Match from the list. A list of search results including candidates ranked in order of their relevance to the position will display.
  4. Review the search results and take action on candidates as necessary, including submitting any desired candidates to a workflow.


  • If no results are found, Skill Extraction may be disabled. Your organization's user admin may enable Skill Extraction by following the steps below:
    • Navigate to Admin > System Configuration > System > Lists. This requires user admin access.
    • Locate the Skill Extraction section of the page, and then select the checkbox beside Enable Skill Extraction.
    • Select the desired Word Matching Length, if desired.
    • Click Save to save all changes.
    • For more information on working in System Configuration, please see the Introduction to System Configuration article.
  • In order to use hot matching successfully, iCIMS recommends that clients complete Job Profiles in full detail, including associating skills with them. For more information on creating jobs, please see Creating a New Job or Requisition.
  • The more skills in a candidate's profile that match the job's skills and other details, the higher that profile is placed in the search results. The best result is always listed as “100%.” Other results are given a percent value based on how they compare to the top result.