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Editing Career Portal Notifications

Release: 16.4

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Automated email notifications are sent to candidates when they interact with Recruit Career Portals and Connect Portals. These notifications can be enabled, disabled, and configured by user admins in System Configuration.

The different notifications associated with a candidate's interactions with a portal are detailed below.

Career Portal Notifications

When a candidate creates a profile and applies to a job on a Recruit Career Portal, the Platform will send automated notifications in coordination with certain steps of their application process. This includes the following notifications:

  • Profile Registration Notification: This automated email is sent when a candidate creates a profile on a Portal. (Note: This email is sent only if the candidate creates a profile but does not apply for a job or if the candidate applies for a job and the Finished Job Application Notification is disabled.)
  • Started Job Application Notification: This automated email is sent when a candidate starts their job application on a Portal.
  • Incomplete Job Application Notification: This automated email is sent as a reminder to a candidate who has an incomplete job application.
  • Finished Job Application Notification: This automated email is sent when a candidate finishes their job application on a Portal.

Connect Portal Notifications

Whether a candidate pre-registers for an event through a registration link, signs in through Kiosk Mode, or creates a profile in a Connect Portal to submit their resume for general consideration, iCIMS Connect offers a variety of automated emails to keep candidates engaged with your organization and aware of new openings that may match their career ambitios. These emails include the following notifications:
  • Registration Thank You Email (using Event): Candidates who sign up for an event through a registration link will receive a thank you email for registering.
  • Registration Thank You Email (using Kiosk): Candidates who sign in to Kiosk Mode at an event will receive a thank you email.
  • Registration Thank You Email/Registration Thank You Email (using Social Login): Candidates can receive an automated thank you email after they initially connect via a Connect Portal. Two templates are available for this notification, one of which is specifically geared towards candidates who create a profile using a social login account.
  • Incomplete Connect Application Email (Missing Resume): Candidates who do not provide a resume when they connect via a Connect Portal will receive an email suggesting that they submit a resume.
  • Job Recommendations Email: Candidates who opt in to Job Recommendations receive regular email digests of newly-posted jobs that match their talent pools of interest. These emails are sent on an ongoing basis and are fully automated.

Editing Portal Notifications

The steps below describe updating and enabling the Profile Registration Notification; the steps are similar for configuring any of the notifications listed above.
  1. From the menu bar, select System Configuration from the Admin menu.
  2. Search for Profile Registration Notification in the search bar on the upper left side of the screen. Click the Profile Registration Notification panel from the search results that display.
  3. Click the Edit link next to Message for Automated Notification to configure the email that will go out to candidates.
  4. Use the Compose Email popup to edit the automated email. Click the Save button to save any changes. (For more information on working with emails, please see Composing Emails.)
  5. Check the Enable Automated Notification box to enable the Profile Registration Notification email. 
  6. Click Save to finalize your settings.

User Admin Curriculum

The iCIMS introductory curriculum for user admins is split into four sections: Working in System Configuration, Managing Libraries, Managing Users & Profiles, and Managing Scheduled Reports. It includes videos and articles, with each type of resource denoted by the following icons:
  • User-added image: Article
  • User-added image: Learning Clip
  • : Chaptered Video
  • User-added image: Training Webinar
These resources provide information to assist user admins in configuring and maintaining their organization's instance of the iCIMS Talent Platform.

Working in System Configuration

Managing Libraries

Managing Users & Profiles

Managing Scheduled Reports