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Creating and Posting a Talent Pool in iCIMS Connect

Release: 16.4

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iCIMS Connect provides customers with an easy way to attract and engage candidates who may not yet be ready to apply for a job but are interested in the company’s employment brand. iCIMS Connect is designed to support clients in building a pipeline of passive talent that can be nurtured over time until specific requisitions become available that match a candidate’s skills.

This article provides an introduction to creating and posting new Talent Pools. Candidates can add themselves to posted Talent Pools within an easy-to-use, branded Connect Portal.

Creating a New Talent Pool

  1. From the menu bar, select Create, then select Talent Pool from the dropdown menu.
  2. Fill out any required and necessary information. Click the Finish button.
Tip: To ensure that your new Talent Pool can be posted, the Folder status (located in the General Information section) must be set to Active.

Posting a Talent Pool to a Connect Portal

  1. Navigate to a Talent Pool Profile by performing a Talent Pool Quick Search (if available) or full search.
  2. Review the Talent Pool Profile Detail Tab to ensure that the Talent Pool is in an Active folder. (To update the Talent Pool Profile folder, select the Edit button, select Active, and then click Save.)
  3. Navigate to the Talent Pool Posting Tab, and then select the Posting Center button.
  4. Click the Post button next to the Portal(s) to which you want to post the Talent Pool, then click Save.
  5. Review the posting details on the Posting Tab.
  • To remove a Talent Pool from a Portal, access the Posting Center using the steps above, then click the Unpost button next to that Portal. The status of the Talent Pool posting will then be updated to Canceled.
  • Clients using iCIMS Connect can post Talent Pools to multiple Connect Portals, if applicable.

Additional Resources for iCIMS Connect Users

iCIMS has created a series of articles to assist iCIMS Connect users in creating talent pools and events, managing passive candidates, configuring portals in Kiosk mode, and creating email campaigns.

The curriculum for iCIMS Connect includes the following articles:

iCIMS also offers the following training webinar on this topic:
iCIMS also offers a resource for candidates who may want to connect with your company: Candidate Guide to iCIMS Connect.