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Creating and Managing Email Campaigns & Recipient Lists in iCIMS Connect

Release: 16.4

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iCIMS Connect provides users with the ability to engage their talent pools by creating and managing email campaigns. This feature allows all users to share career opportunities, networking events, and company information in scheduled newsletters on a reoccurring basis. Through this tool, users are also able to view reports that track opens, clicks, and applications that have resulted from email campaigns. 
For best practices information, including tips on improving your Email Campaigns, please see the Email Campaigns Best Practices Guide.

For information about navigating the Tabs within the Email Campaigns section of iCIMS Connect, please refer to the Introduction to iCIMS Connect: Email Campaign Tabs article.

Creating and Managing Recipient Lists

  1. Select Communicate from the menu bar and select Create/Manage Email Campaigns.
  2. Select the Recipient Lists Tab, and then select the Create Recipient List button.
  3. Select the type of search you would like to build the list from. (Note: The process of creating a recipient list is the same for Person, Recruiting Workflow, and Sourcing Workflow searches.)
  4. Enter any desired keywords and criteria on the Search Form. Then, click the Search button.
  • By default, the recipient list search will filter out any candidates with bounced or invalid emails, leaving only those whose email status is confirmed, untested, or autoreplied.
  • Users can switch search type by clicking the Change Search Type link at the bottom left of the search form. Selecting this link will launch the Choose a List Type popup and initiate a new recipient list.
  • A Preview Only watermark will display over the search results preview, indicating that the list is subject to change if the recipients chosen no longer meet the defined search criteria or if additional recipients meet the defined search criteria. Unlike normal search results, users will be unable to click any links within the search results preview.
  • For more information on conducting searches, please refer to the Introduction to Searching & Reporting article.
  1. Select the Save Recipient List… button, located on the bottom right of the screen, to save the recipient list.
  2. In the Save Recipient List popup, enter the desired title and description.
Tip: To overwrite an existing list, select the Overwrite Existing List option. Then, in the Template dropdown, select the desired recipient list.
  1. Select the Save button to finalize all changes. Or, select the Save & Create Campaign button to save the recipient list and create a new email campaign, then follow the instructions starting with step 3 of Creating an Email Campaign below.

Creating an Email Campaign

Example: This example will describe creating an email campaign that is not launched from the recipient list creation process described in the section above.

To create an email campaign after creating a recipient list and clicking Save & Create Campaign…, skip to step 3 in the instructions below.
  1. Select Communicate from the menu bar and select Create/Manage Email Campaigns.
  2. Select the Campaigns Tab, and then select the Create Campaign button.
  3. Enter the campaign name in the Campaign Name field.
  4. Select one of the available categories in the Category dropdown list.
  5. Select the From address for the campaign using the From dropdown list. (Note: Users can only send campaigns from the email address associated with their login or the no-reply address set up for their Platform (e.g.,, if applicable. Email campaigns do not currently support the Send From feature available through Compose Email.)
  6. Select a recipient list from the Recipient List dropdown menu.
  • Tip: Users can select Create New List from the Recipient List drop down menu to create a new recipient list on the fly. Follow the steps outlined in the Creating and Managing Recipient Lists section of this guide for more information on recipient lists. (Note: Create New List should be selected before information is entered/selected for the fields before it; otherwise, any entered information will be lost.)
  1. Select the Configure Email… button.
  2. Click the Email Template list to select a template.
  • Tip: The iCIMS Platform provides two default templates for each email campaigns category which may be updated with a client’s own company logo, colors, and information. 
  1. Review and edit the email campaign message, and click the Schedule button to continue.
  • Tips:
    • To preview the email campaign before it is sent, click the Preview button.
    • Message variables are highlighted in green and will populate with the appropriate data when the email is sent. The system will display an alert if a message variable does not resolve for valid emails.
    • Using a no-reply email address as the From address will make all sender variables unavailable. This will be indicated on the Edit Campaign form as a warning message and beside templates containing unavailable variables.
    • Most scheduled emails (such as Newsletters and Events emails) should be individually edited before going out in order to remain current and relevant to candidates.
  1. Select a Start Date by clicking on the Calendar icon.
  2. Select the approximate Start Time for the campaign.
  • Tips:
    • ​​The approximate start timeframes available are: Immediately, Early Morning (12AM to 7:59AM), Morning (8AM to 11:59AM), Midday (12PM to 4:59PM), Evening (5PM to 8:59PM), and Late Night (9PM to 11:59PM).
    • If a user selects a start date after the current date of the user’s browser or if a user selects an occurrence of Custom, the Immediately option is disabled.
  1. Select the reocurrence for the campaign from the Occur dropdown list; if applicable, an Expire option will display. Select an expiration for a reoccurring campaign by selecting and/or editing the appropriate Expire radio button option.
  • Tips:
    • The reocurrence selections are: once, daily, weekly, every two weeks, monthly, quarterly, every weekend, and custom.
    • If a user selects a time and date combination that leads to an invalid selection, an error message will display and the user will not be able to send the campaign until they have resolved the issue.
    • Time intervals available on the scheduling page will always be in the time zone of the logged-in user. 
    • The Summary section updates dynamically and provides a brief description of the date, approximate start time, and reocurrence choices of the email campaign.
  1. Select the Finish button to finalize all changes.

Additional Resources for iCIMS Connect Users

iCIMS has created a series of articles to assist iCIMS Connect users in creating talent pools and events, managing passive candidates, configuring portals in Kiosk mode, and creating email campaigns.

The curriculum for iCIMS Connect includes the following articles:

iCIMS also offers the following training webinar on this topic: iCIMS also offers a resource for candidates who may want to connect with your company: Candidate Guide to iCIMS Connect