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Creating and Editing Scheduled Reports

Release: 16.2

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User admins may now schedule up to 25 reports to be exported on a recurring basis without requiring assistance from iCIMS Technical Support. These reports can be sent via email to recipients, including those who do not have profiles within the Platform, allowing user admins to keep executive-level stakeholders in the loop.

This functionality is available exclusively for user admins via Admin > Tools > Scheduled Reports.

Creating a Scheduled Report

The following steps describe how a user admin can create a new scheduled report that leverages an existing search/report template. (For information on creating a new search/report template, please see Saving Search & Output Templates.)
  1. On the Platform menu bar, click Admin, and then click Tools. Finally, select the Scheduled Reports option.
  2. Click the Add New button, available on the top right of the page.
  3. Complete all fields on the Create Scheduled Report popup. Refer to the list below for more information.
    • Report Name: The report name may be up to 200 characters in length.
    • Enabled: This option allows the user admin to enable or disable the scheduled report; a disabled report will not run (until it has been re-enabled). 
      • Note that disabled reports count against a Platform's 25 Scheduled Report maximum.
    • Report Type: This dropdown allows the user admin to select a report type. User admins can create new scheduled reports for Person, Job, Company, and Recruiting Workflow searches by default. (If Onboard is enabled for the Platform, New Hire Category and Onboarding Workflow Searches will also be available by default. If Connect is enabled for the Platform, Talent Pool and Sourcing Workflow Searches will also be available by default.)
    • Report Template: This dropdown allows the user admin to choose the specific saved search template/report for their chosen report type.
      • This dropdown will dynamically populate based on the chosen report type and will only display reports relevant to the selection; a "Loading templates" message will display for the short time it takes the Platform to generate the correct options.
      • Note that once a report template is chosen and associated with a scheduled report, its filters and other criteria can no longer be updated from the search engine.
    • Excel Options: This dropdown allows the user admin to choose what levels of the report they want to be exported (e.g., Top Level, Top Two, or Top Three Groupings, or all levels (default option)). This option is specific to reports with groupings.
      • Note that Scheduled Reports may only be exported as Excel files. This is not configurable.
    • Next Run Time: This option allows user admins to manually enter a date and hour or click the Calendar icon to easily select a date and hour for the report to run and send to recipients.
      • Note that the user admin can only pick the hour of the next run time, rather than a specific hour and minute, because the minutes are calculated by the system to ensure optimal performance. An estimate of the next run time, including minutes, will display on the Scheduled Reports page once calculated by the system.
      • If the user admin selects a Next Run Time for a past date, the system will count from the past date using the selected Recurrence to calculate the future Next Run Time.
    • Recurrence: This option allows the user admin to select the frequency at which the task will run (starting from the Next Run Time).
    • Email Addresses: User admins can enter the email addresses of anyone who should receive the report. This field has a character limit of 300.
      • Recipients do not need to have a profile in the iCIMS Talent Platform to receive a scheduled report via email, and distribution list email addresses can be entered in this field if necessary.
      • Multiple email addresses must be semicolon separated.
      • The system will validate that all email addresses are in the proper format once the user admin clicks the Save button. However, the system validates only that the email address is formatted correctly (i.e., that it includes an "@"), not that the email address is correct. For that reason, it is strongly recommended that the user admin thoroughly check all email addresses listed in this field before saving their scheduled report to ensure that their report is not emailed to any unintended recipients.
      • Reports cannot be sent to email addresses that have bounced previously. Attempting to do so will prompt a warning below the Email Addresses field on the Create Scheduled Report builder.
    • Run Report As: This dropdown allows the user admin to choose a Login Group that the scheduled report should "run as." This means that when the report is run, it will be run as if a member of the selected login group were running the report in the Platform.
      • The report will inherit all of the search locks or hidden attributes tied to fields for that specified login group, ensuring recipients of the report do not see columns or records that they should not be able to view.
  4. Click Save to finalize and schedule the report, which will display on the main Scheduled Reports page.
  • The email sent to scheduled report recipients includes basic information about the report (e.g., the report name and when it was run), as well as an attached copy of the report.
  • If the report exceeds the maximum row limit for a Platform (typically 50,000 rows), the email will contain the following message: “**The attached report has exceeded the results limit (50000 rows) and has been truncated. Please reach out to your System Administrator to refine your report criteria.**” (Please contact iCIMS Technical Support for assistance with the maximum number of rows allows for a search.)

Editing a Scheduled Report

  1. On the Platform menu bar, click Admin, and then click Tools. Finally, select the Scheduled Reports option.
  2. Locate the scheduled report that must be updated, and click the Edit button in the Actions column for that report's row.
  3. Modify the options as necessary, and click Save to finalize any changes.
Tip: Note that a search/report template cannot be modified from the search engine while it is associated with a scheduled report; attempting to modify it will cause the following error to display: “This search template is used by a data feed and cannot be modified.” If the criteria for a template must be changed, the user admin can delete the scheduled report, modify the template, and create a new scheduled report, or create a new template and modify the existing scheduled report.

User Admin Curriculum

The iCIMS introductory curriculum for user admins is split into four sections: Working in System Configuration, Managing Libraries, Managing Users & Profiles, and Managing Scheduled Reports. It includes videos and articles, with each type of resource denoted by the following icons:
  • User-added image: Article
  • User-added image: Learning Clip
  • User-added image: Chaptered Video
  • User-added image: Training Webinar
These resources provide information to assist user admins in configuring and maintaining their organization's instance of the iCIMS Talent Platform.

Working in System Configuration

Managing Libraries

Managing Users & Profiles

Managing Scheduled Reports