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Creating a Person Search

Release: 16.2

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Person Search allows users to search for candidate, employee, and/or hiring manager profiles within the iCIMS Talent Platform. Users are able to search for specific or grouped Person Profile records. Searches can also be saved and added to the Dashboard to run automatically and provide users with the most up-to-date search results.
Types of searching and reporting that you would use the Person Search feature for include:
  • Finding candidates with specific keywords in their profile
  • Finding candidates living in a particular area
  • Finding all candidates not attached to a job
  • Generating candidate source reports
  • Generating candidate EEO reports
  • Finding new candidates entered since last work day
  • Finding all candidates who are employees
  • Finding all candidates who are ex-employees along with their eligibility for rehire
To learn how to run any of the searches and reports listed above specifically, refer to the Common Searches & Reports article.

Creating a Person Search

Example: The following section will demonstrate how to use the Person Search feature by guiding you through the following example:
  • Search for all candidates with the keyword java in their Profile
  • Group the search output by state and then by city
Tip: Based on this example, the steps below begin with the selection of Person Search > Candidate from the Search menu. To initiate a generic person search, begin with Person Search > Person and enter criteria as relevant.
  1. To access the Candidate Search, select Search from the menu bar, then select Person, and then select Candidate.
  2. Enter java in the keyword field to search for Candidate Profiles that contain the term.
  3. If necessary, click Show more within the Person Search: Output section. Once this section is expanded, click the expand triangle to the left of Group Results By to expand the subsection. (This will allow the application of the state and city grouping as stated in the scenario.)
  4. Click the Add Group-By button to add the first group.
  5. Enter state in the popup search box. Select State/Province within Group-Bys > Contact Tab > Default: Addresses > General. Click the Add Selected button to continue.
  6. Click the Add Level button to add the next level of grouping.
  7. Notice that the new white area displays beneath the first group-by. Click the green Add Group-By icon within this area to add the second level of grouping.
  8. Enter city in the popup search box. Select City within Group-Bys > Contact Tab > Default Addresses > General. Click the Add Selected button to continue.
  9. Click the Search button to run this search.
An image that displays the search form criteria to produce the sample search.
  1. Click the expand triangle beside a desired group to view the search results in that group.
An image that highlights the Expand icon within Search Results.

Searching & Reporting Introductory Curriculum

The iCIMS introductory curriculum for searching and reporting includes the following articles and videos. The following icons denote each type of resource:
  • User-added image: Article
  • User-added image: Learning Clip
  • User-added image: Chaptered Video
  • User-added image: Training Webinar
These resources provide the information needed to begin building reports within the system.