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Creating a New Candidate Manually in the Platform or via Email Import

Release: 16.3

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Most candidates apply to jobs using Career Portals, so users seldom need to add new candidates manually in the Platform. The following steps describe the steps that a user may take to manually enter or email new candidates into the system. For information regarding adding new candidates via file transfer (e.g., as part of the migration of resumes during implementation), please refer to the Creating New Candidates via Bulk File Transfer: Migrating Legacy Resumes during Implementation article.

Adding a Candidate Manually Using the Create Person Tool

The steps below describe the default process for creating candidates as a user of the system. As each instance of the Platform is configurable, options presented may differ slightly from the steps below.
  1. Select Create on the menu bar and select Person from the dropdown menu. Then, select Candidate from the sub-menu.
  2. Click the Upload Resume button to select a resume from your computer and preview a text-only version of the resume in the Copy/Paste Resume field. Finally, click Next to extract resume information and review candidate details.
  • Tip: Many resumes uploaded to the iCIMS Talent Platform will display in a rich resume view on the Candidate Profile. Users can also copy and paste resumes into the Copy/Paste Resume field manually. Please note that doing so will result in a text-only resume view on the Candidate Profile.
  1. Review the extracted name and email address information and update as needed. Click Next to continue reviewing candidate details, or click Previous to return to the previous screen.
  • Warning: The iCIMS Talent Platform does not currently accept accented characters in email addresses (e.g. josé Any email address with an accented character will be flagged as invalid, and users will be unable to send email to those addresses.
  1. Review the extracted General Information and Contact Information and update as needed. Click Next to review additional candidate details.
  • Tip: The General Information: Person Folder dropdown list will allow you to change the Candidate’s Person Folder. By default, the Person Folder will be set to Cand:Active when creating new candidates.
  1. Review any additional General Information (e.g., salary) and Source Information and update as needed. Click Next to continue reviewing candidate details.
  2. Review extracted Education, Professional Experience, and other information and update as needed. Click Next to continue reviewing candidate details.
  3. Review additional extracted information if applicable and update as needed. Click the Finish button.

Adding One or More Candidate(s) via Email Import

Users may easily import multiple resumes into their Platform by Email Import; resumes emailed into the system are parsed and used to create new candidates or associated with existing candidates, if applicable.

Email Import allows clients to import up to 10 resumes at once, making it an easy option for occasional uploads. These resumes can be associated with specific jobs, if formatted correctly. Resumes submitted by Email Import will take at least several minutes to parse and populate in the iCIMS Talent Platform; the amount of time will vary depending on the number of resumes submitted at one time. If resumes are submitted in bulk, resumes will be parsed in batches and will be subject to additional processing time.

iCIMS can support resumes in other languages, such as German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, and Russian. Please contact iCIMS Technical Support before beginning to upload non-English resumes so that your system can be properly configured.

Warning: Non-English resumes may not parse correctly if they were originally scanned in and saved as an images. For best results, an original digital document should be used.
  1. Select Create on the menu bar, and select Import Resume via Email from the dropdown menu. Select the language of the resume that you would like to import from the menu (e.g., Import English Resume).
  2. Within the automatically-launched email window, attach the resume file(s) or copy and paste the text of one resume into the email body. (Up to 10 resume files may be attached or one resume pasted into the email body.) The To: field will automatically populate with the email address created for Email Import during your implementation of the Platform. The appearance of the email window may differ depending upon your email provider.
An image of an external email window.
  1. If you would like to associate the resume(s) with a specific requisition, include the Job ID, the Job's System ID, or the Job's External ID (if applicable) in the Subject field of the email. (To store applicants for general consideration, proceed to the next step without entering any additional information.)
  • Job ID: To include the Job ID, enter it in the Subject field in the following format: displayid:2016-1234
  • System ID: To include the Job's System ID, enter it in the Subject field in the following format: systemid:1234
  • External ID: To include the Job's External ID (if applicable), enter it in the Subject field in the following format: externalid:abc123
  • Additional Notes:
    • There should be no spaces in the subject line for any of the above options.
    • To locate the Job ID or External ID (if applicable) for a Job Profile, review the Job Profile Detail Tab.
    • To locate the Job's System ID, conduct a Job Search and include the System ID column in the search output.
    • The Job, System, or External ID indicated must correspond to an existing Job Profile to successfully associate a candidate with a job.
  1. Click Send to submit the resume(s) to the Platform via the Email Import.
  • The Platform will automatically create a new Candidate Profile for each resume that contains a full name and contact information (either phone number or email address). The resume is then displayed within the Resume Tab of the Candidate Profile and attached profile in its original format, if applicable. The resume will appear within the Resume Tab within a specific Candidate Profile.
  • A note will be created in the Candidate Profile (on the Notes Tab) with the body of the email sent into the Platform.
  • A newly-imported resume brought in via the Email Import tool will be added to an existing Candidate Profile if there is a match in the Platform. Duplicate checking is typically based on first name, last name, and email. When a new resume is uploaded, it will overwrite the previous version, which will then be archived in the Resume Log.
  • Please contact iCIMS Technical Support for assistance troubleshooting Email Import problems, as well as setting a preferred language and locale setting for Email Imports.
  • The following language and locale settings are available for Email Imports:
    • English for United States/Canada
    • English for England/Ireland
    • English for India
    • English for Germany
    • French for France
    • German for Germany
    • Italian for Italy
    • Spanish for Spain
    • Simplified Chinese for China
    • Traditional Chinese for Hong Kong/Taiwan
    • Russian for Russia

Best Practice: Recommended File Types for Resume Email Import

The iCIMS Talent Platform can accept a number of file formats for resumes, including .html/.htm and .tif/.tiff files. However, the following file formats are the most commonly used and the most recommended:

.doc: Microsoft Word
.docx: Microsoft Word 2007 and later
.odt: OpenOffice OpenDocument Text (.doc replacement)
.pdf: Portable Document Format (Adobe)
.rtf: Rich Text Format
.txt: Text File

Note: .zip (compressed) files are not acceptable.

Warning: Document formatting can affect resume parsing accuracy. For example, if the candidate’s name is included in the header of the document, the Platform will not be able to parse the information. Without a candidate name, the Platform will not create a Candidate Profile, and the resume will be rejected.
iCIMS has created a series of articles to assist iCIMS users in mastering working with candidates within the system.

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