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Creating a Location Search

Release: 16.1

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Location Search (sometimes called the Company Search, depending on your organization's preferences) allows users to search for companies, such as agency (vendor) company profiles, within the iCIMS Talent Platform. Searches can also be saved and added to the Dashboard to run automatically and provide users with the most up-to-date search results.

Creating a Company Search

Example: The following section will demonstrate how to use the Location Search feature by guiding you through the following example:
  • Search for all companies in your iCIMS Talent Platform
  • Group the results by state and then by city
  1. To access the Location Search, select Search from the menu bar, then select Location.
  2. Click the Search button to preview results, if desired. Since no keywords or filters have been added, the search will retrieve all the Locations in your iCIMS Talent Platform.
  3. Locate the Location Search: Output section and click Show more to expand this section if necessary. Then click the triangle beside Group Results By to expand the Group Results By section in order to apply the state and city groupings as stated in the scenario.
  4. Click the Add Group-By button to add the first group.
  5. Enter state in the popup search box. Select State/Province (Group-Bys > Professional Tab > Default: Location > General > State/Province) and click the Add Selected button to continue.
  6. Click the Add Level button to add the next level of grouping.
  7. Notice that the new area displays beneath the first group-by. Click the green Add Group-By (plus sign) icon within this area to add the second level of grouping.
  8. Enter city in the popup search box. Select City (Group-Bys > Professional Tab > Default: Location > General > City) and click the Add Selected button to continue.
  9. Click the Search button to apply the new output settings.
  10. Click the Expand triangle beside any desired group to view the search results in that group.
Refer to the Saving Search & Output Templates and Exporting Search Results & Reports articles to learn how to save and export your Search Results.