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Creating New Candidates via Bulk File Transfer: Migrating Legacy Resumes during Implementation

Release: 16.2

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The iCIMS Talent Platform offers new clients the ability to bulk import/upload resumes during the migration process. In order to streamline implementation, clients can bulk upload hundreds or even thousands of resumes via  File Transfer (FTP). The bulk upload functionality is especially useful to new iCIMS customers who may have a large number of candidate resumes from a previous applicant tracking system.

Once uploaded, resumes are then parsed and used to create new candidates or associated with existing candidates, if applicable. The file transfer method requires an FTP connection client, such as FileZilla, and may necessitate involvement from your company’s IT resources. Resumes submitted by FTP will take at least several minutes to parse and populate in the iCIMS Talent Platform; the amount of time will vary depending on the number of resumes submitted at one time. If resumes are submitted in bulk, resumes will be parsed in batches and will be subject to additional processing time.
iCIMS can support resumes in other languages, such as German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, and Russian. Please contact your iCIMS Implementation Manager before beginning to upload non-English resumes to assure that your system is properly configured.

For information regarding Email Import, a method for importing up to 10 resumes at once primarily used after implementation, please refer to the Creating a New Candidate Manually in the Platform or via Email Import article.

Creating New Candidates via Bulk File Transfer: Migrating Legacy Resumes During Implementation

File Transfer allows clients to bulk upload as many resumes as necessary, and is typically used during implementation and migration projects. The example in this article will reference the free FTP connect client FileZilla ( This software is freely available to download and frequently used by iCIMS clients. Other FTP connect clients may be available and may support a similar process. If you are using an alternative FTP connect client, please contact your iCIMS Implementation Manager or relevant iCIMS POC (e.g., iCIMS Technical Support) for assistance.
  1. Contact your iCIMS POC and request that a bulk iResume FTP site be setup for your company. iCIMS will provide a private username and password for use by your company.
  2. Open FileZilla and enter the FTP credentials provided to you by your iCIMS POC in the Host, Username, Password, and Port fields.
  3. Once you are connected, the main screen will display your local site (your computer) on the left and the remote site on the right with the folders _could-not-process and _processed. Drag and drop resumes from your local site/computer to the empty space below the folders as indicated below.
An image that highlights dragging and dropping resumes from a local site to the FTP remote site within FileZilla.
Warning: The bulk upload method is not able to handle files with special characters in the file name. Rename files and remove any special characters from the file name before uploading to avoid processing problems. For example, a file with a name such as: "José Resume.doc" should be renamed "Jose Resume.doc" to remove the "é" before uploading.

  • Users may also drag files directly from their local Desktop or Documents into FileZilla as indicated below.
An image that highlights dragging and dropping resumes from a local folder to the FTP remote site within FileZilla.
  • It is a best practice to start with a batch of 10 resumes or fewer to test the connection. If you experience difficulty, check your iCIMS-provided credentials, contact your company’s IT team, then contact your iCIMS POC.
  1. The resumes will gradually populate in the FileZilla client. These resumes will then move into either the _processed or _could-not-process folder, indicating whether the resume successfully created a profile (or was attached to an existing profile) in the Platform or not.
Note: New Candidate Profiles cannot be associated to jobs via bulk file transfer. However, they can be associated to jobs when emailed into the Platform, as described in Creating a New Candidate Manually in the Platform or via Email Import.

Best Practice: Recommended File Types for Resume Import

The iCIMS Talent Platform can accept a number of file formats for resumes, including .html/.htm and .tif/.tiff files. However, the following file formats are the most commonly used and the most recommended:

.doc: Microsoft Word
.docx: Microsoft Word 2007 and later
.odt: OpenOffice OpenDocument Text (.doc replacement)
.pdf: Portable Document Format (Adobe)
.rtf: Rich Text Format
.txt: Text File

Note: .zip (compressed) files are not acceptable.

Warning: Document formatting can affect resume parsing accuracy. For example, if the candidate’s name is included in the header of the document, the Platform will not be able to parse the information. Without a candidate name, the Platform will not create a Candidate Profile, and the resume will be rejected.

For assistance troubleshooting Resume Imports, please contact your iCIMS POC (e.g., Implementation Manager or Technical Support).