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Creating Expenses

Release: 16.1

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The Expense tracking feature allows users to log costs associated with the hiring process for a Person, Company, or Job Profile such as requisition posting costs or travel expenses for potential new hires. These expenses can be analyzed with the Cost-Per-Hire Report within the Platform’s Reporting Center, enabling HR teams to determine return on investment and areas for cost savings.

Please note that the Expense tracking feature is off by default but may be enabled for client use.

Creating (Tracking) Expenses

In this example, an expense will be added to a Person Profile. The same process can be followed for expense tracking associated with Company or Job Profiles.
  1. Locate the desired Person Profile and locate the Expenses Tab. Note that the Expenses Tab is hidden by default but may be enabled by the organization’s user admin and may appear under the More dropdown.
An image highlighting the Expenses Tab on the Person Profile.
  1. On the Expenses Tab, click the Add Expense button to add an additional expense to the Person Profile.
  2. Select the Expense Type, complete the fields for Amount, Date, and Description, and select the Association. Click Save at the top of the tab when the entry is complete.
  • When you are associating an expense to a Person Profile, the Association dropdown list (on the Expenses Tab) will display the open requisitions in the Platform. This dropdown list does not appear when associating expenses to Job Profiles since the expense will be applied to the Job Profile being edited.
  • Delete an expense by clicking the Delete icon to the right of the expense.