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Configuring the Other Menu on the Platform Menu Bar

Release: 16.2

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User admins may configure the Other menu on their Platform menu bar, which can be configured to contain links to custom items, such as links to external job boards. Follow the steps below to configure the Other menu.

Warning: New list items on the Other menu can only be hidden, not deleted, after they have been saved.

Configuring the Other Menu on the Platform Menu Bar

  1. Select Admin from the menu bar, and then select System Configuration.
  2. Select System from the left navigation pane, and then select General Platform from the list of options on the right.
  3. Select the Edit link to the right of the label “Other” Section.
  4. Select Other on the left navigation pane, and then select the green Create new list item icon to add a new item to the Other menu.
  5. Fill out the necessary information for the new list item and select Save.
Tip: To edit existing list items, follow Steps 1 - 3 above. Select a list item under Other to edit its properties, and select Save when you are finished.

User Admin Curriculum

The iCIMS Introductory curriculum for user admins is split into four sections: Working in System Configuration, Managing Libraries, Managing Users & Profiles, and Managing Scheduled Reports. It includes videos and articles, with each type of resource denoted by the following icons:
  • User-added image: Article
  • User-added image: Learning Clip
  • User-added image: Chaptered Video
  • User-added image: Training Webinar
These resources provide information to assist user admins in configuring and maintaining their organization's instance of the iCIMS Talent Platform.

Working in System Configuration

Managing Libraries

Managing Users & Profiles

Managing Scheduled Reports