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Configuring Task Notifications

Release: 16.2

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User admins can configure the automated notifications associated with general, iForm, and informational tasks that are assigned to candidates and other third-parties (such as Corporate IT teams). The task notifications available are as follows:
  • General Task (New): This notification is sent to the assignee of a General task when it is created.
  • iForm Task (New): This notification sent to the assignee of an iForm task when it is created.
  • Informational Task (New): This is the notification sent to the assignee of an Informational task when it is created. No reminder or overdue notifications are available for Informational tasks, because they do not have due dates.
  • All Tasks (Reminder and Overdue): This is the notification sent to the assignee for all non-onboarding general and iForm tasks, if enabled when the task was created.
Note: Only user admins will be able to follow the steps in this article. Please speak with your user admin or iCIMS Technical Support for assistance.

Configuring Task Notifications

Note: The steps below do not pertain to notifications sent to new hires for onboarding workflow tasks assigned via the Onboard Wizard or the Onboard Status tab. For information about configuring the notifications sent to new hires for these tasks, please see Configuring Onboard Task Notifications.
  1. From the menu bar, click Admin, then click System Configuration to access System Configuration. Select System on the left-side navigation, then select Notifications.
  2. Select Edit next to the task notification template that you would like to configure. 
An image that displays the non-onboard Task Notification templates.
  1. Edit the task notification as necessary, making sure to include all relevant variables.Popular task variables include the following:
    • New task templates typically include variables that display in the email as
      Task: Task Definition: Name, Task: Association, Task: Task Definition: Description, and Task: Due Date, among other variables.
    • Reminder and overdue task templates typically include Task: Task Variable, among other variables.
To add additional variables to a task notification, click the Add Variables button, then select the desired type of variable to include. For example, to add Task: Task Definition: Name to a task notification, click Task and then search for task definition name (Task Variables > General > Task Definition > General > Name).
  1. Then, click Save to finalize your changes to the template. (For information about working with emails, please see Composing Emails.)



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