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Configuring Onboard Task Notifications

Release: 16.4

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Onboard Task Notifications, which are sent to a new hire when a task is assigned to them via the Onboard Status Tab of their Person Profile, can be configured by user admins on a per-portal basis for new, upcoming, and overdue tasks. These notifications are automatically sent to new hires depending on their Associated Onboard Portal.

Configuring Onboard Task Notifications

The steps below can only be performed by a user admin or iCIMS Staff. Please speak with your user admin or iCIMS Technical Support for assistance.
  1. Access System Configuration and click Onboard on the left-side navigation. Click Notifications to access notification configuration options.
An image highlighting the Onboard and Notifications options in System Configuration.
  1. Select an Onboard Portal from the User Group dropdown, if desired. (Leave the User Group dropdown on Career Portals if you would like to configure the templates for all Onboard Portals.)
An image of the Onboard Tasks Notifications in System Configuration.
  • Tip: The Onboard Portal you select from the User Group dropdown will correspond with a new hire’s associated Onboard Portal. For example, a new hire whose associated portal is Full-Time Onboarding will receive the Onboard task notifications configured for the Full-Time Onboarding Portal.
  1. Select the Edit link beside one of the available Onboarding Task notifications. This will launch a Compose Email window with the current template selected.
    • Tip: It is recommended that the Reminder & Overdue template includes the Task: Task Detail (Task > General > Task Detail) variable, which will resolve as a list of the recipient’s upcoming and overdue onboarding workflow tasks
  2. Edit the template as necessary and click Save.


  • The Onboard Task Notification templates will only be used for onboarding tasks assigned to new hires. (Tasks assigned to third parties, such as hiring managers, from the Onboard Status Tab, as well as tasks assigned via the Tasks Tab of a Candidate Profile, will use the notifications described in Configuring Task Notifications.)
  • To learn more about working with email, refer to the Composing Emails​ article.
  • To learn more about working in System Configuration, refer to the Introduction to System Configuration article.

iCIMS Onboard Curriculum

The curriculum for iCIMS Onboard includes the following articles and videos. The following icons denote each type of resource:
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These resources provide the information needed to create New Hire Categories and onboard new hires.